The Minions of Aku were humanoid demons who served Aku.


Those Minions were the first soldiers of Aku's evil army. After Aku conquered Japan, his Minions helped him enslave the surviving population and forced them to work in mines. When Samurai Jack returned to his homeland, he had to fight and kill Aku's Minions before he reached Aku himself.

In The Future, demonic Minions became very rare, as they were largely replaced by robots due to their superior efficiency. Some of them were used to arrest Prince Astor and Princess Verbina after they crash-landed on Earth, and they were to transport the captured alien royalty into slave mines on Aku's orders. However, Jack came in disguised as a Minion and rescued them (Episode XLVII: Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess).

The Future Minions of Aku were erased from the timeline when Jack and Ashi altered the future and destroyed the past Aku.


  • The Minions of Aku first wore red clothing, but in their next appearance, they wore light blue clothing.
  • They were voiced by Phil LaMarr and Tom Kenny.


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