Mist-Shrowded Isle

The Mist Shrouded Isle, as it referred to by the Viking general, is the island which plays host to the Well of King Ozric. It appears in Episode VII: Jack and the Three Blind Archers.

The Well

The well of King Ozric grants its attainer their greatest desire. The Isle itself appears to be fairly small, though large enough to support a vast and dense forest. The island is located in a moderate climate, since the island is shown as experiences both the season of Autumn and Winter. There are some sandy beaches along the coast of the island. There are also numerous large boulders which dot the shoreline in the waters along the beach. Although absolute location is impossible to determine no other land is shown to be close to the island. It appears to be a lone island in a blue sea. Though, there is a ship passes by it on what seems to be a regular cruise, as if it were a ferry. There is also a large waterfall on the island which Jack used for meditation after the first attempted battle with the blind archers. Also, some frozen rivers are shown when Jack is training on the island.

Some local fauna are on the island. Birds, at least, are heard and seen. There are also deer.


Episode VII: Jack and the Three Blind Archers

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