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The Mondo Bot was a rogue giant robot that appeared in Episode XLI: Robo-Samurai versus Mondo Bot.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected its existence.


Developed as a means of defending the City of Andromeda from threats, the Mondo Bot, for reasons unknown, turned against its creators and proceeded to instead terrorize the city, forcing its mechanical residents deep underground.

The Mondo Bot met its end when it was confronted by Jack piloting the Giant Samurai Robot. When its ranged weaponry proved ineffective, it drew a sword and engaged the enemy mech at close range; however, Jack's superior skill proved insurmountable in both armed and hand-to-hand combat. Sustaining heavy damage, the mech attempted to blast the Robo-Samurai at point blank range with its chest cannon, but Jack simply tore off his enemy's remaining arm and crushed the cannon to force a backfire, destroying what remained of the Mondo Bot.

Abilities and Armaments

  • Durability: Due to its vast size and heavy armor, the Mondo Bot was extremely resistant to injury. Although Jack's sword was able to pierce its hull, he was unable to inflict significant damage until he took control of the Robo-Samurai. In the resulting battle, the Mondo Bot remained at least partially functional after having its head crushed and all of its limbs broken off - Jack only destroyed it for good by forcing a point-blank backfire in its main cannon.
  • Strength: The Mondo Bot possessed substantial physical strength, being able to create powerful shockwaves with its footsteps, hold its own against the Robo-Samurai in melee combat, and leap into the upper atmosphere.
  • Eye Lasers: The Mondo Bot's green visor can release powerful energy blasts, either as rapid bolts or a sustained ray.
  • Machine Guns: Clusters of large guns were hidden within the colored spots on the Mondo Bot's chest and forearms. Each was capable of firing a minutes-long barrage of bullets, bombarding the ground below with a shower of massive spent casings. The exact strength of the guns is unclear, but they did no visible damage to the Robo-Samurai.
  • Missiles: The Mondo Bot's upper body contained several racks of missiles, which could be fired en masse. Like the guns, they did nothing to the Robo-Samurai, so their true destructive potential is unclear.
  • Beam Cannon: The Mondo Bot's strongest weapon was a large cannon hidden within its chest. After a short charging period, it could fire powerful green energy; either a ball with the explosive force of a nuclear bomb, or a sustained beam to wear down more durable targets. Although powerful, the cannon was also a weak spot for the Mondo Bot; if its barrel was blocked or crushed, the energy would backfire and disintegrate the robot itself.
  • Drones: The Mondo Bot stored a sizable platoon of insect-like drones in its body, which were used to fend off smaller attackers clinging its hull.
  • Sword: The Mondo Bot had a collapsible blue sword resembling a broadsword on its back, which it could deploy when it engaged in melee combat. Unlike its other weapons, the sword was able to damage the Robo-Samurai's armor, and it appeared to match the other robot's katana in strength and durability; both were destroyed after the Mondo Bot's leaping attack.
  • Tentacles: The Mondo Bot could release bright blue tentacles from its hand - apparently parts of its internal circuitry - which proved strong enough to pierce the Robo-Samurai's armor and fast enough to penetrate most of its upper body in seconds.


  • The Mondo-Bot's overall design resembles Samus Aran's Power Armor from the Metroid franchise.
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