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The Three Monks are a mystical group that helped Jack find Truth and continue his journey after the latter had almost given up. They appeared in Episode XX: Jack and The Three Monks

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  • It is possible that these three monks were in fact the gods Odin, Ra and Vishnu that came to Jack to remind him of his mission to return to the past and destroy Aku. This can be seen in these factors:
    • The monks have eyes of pure blue with no irises in them. Divine beings in Samurai Jack universe have such eyes, but this can also be seen in creatures of divine origin such as the Minions of Set and the Elementals that guard the Jewel of Neptune.
    • The monks are unusually larger and taller than average human beings. They also move in an otherworldly way akin to floating on the ground. They are also seemingly unaffected and unhindered by the cold mountain air and obstacles on their way.
    • The wind suddenly blew off Jack's straw hat and Jack chased it until he encountered the monks. The one who held the hat returned it to Jack.
    • The monks brought Jack to a mountain and they told him they were seeking "truth". At the mountain when Jack is unconscious after fighting the monsters, they appeared before him in a vision showing both of his parents and people suffering under Aku's rule, and also the former glory of his homeland and his past. They then rebuked him for giving up hope and his belief that Aku will rule forever, given his frequent failure to return to the past.
    • It should be noted that when Jack's father encountered them for the first time, they at first appeared before him as monks. The mountain was possibly the same mountain where Jack's father first met the gods and obtained his katana.
    • If they are indeed the very same gods that forge Jack's katana, then this is the first time Jack has interacted (before the release of season 5) with Vishnu . Jack has interacted with Odin, albeit indirectly by sending a Viking warrior to Valhalla and Ra by summoning him to destroy the Minions of Set.


Jack: What do you search for?

Monk #1: Truth.

Monk #2: Do you give up?

Monk #1: Will you abandon their hope?

Monk #2: Can you not feel their desperation?

Monk #1: Will evil forever rule the world?


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