You have been chosen. A force of Ultimate Evil has resurrected itself on thy world.

—Odin to The Emperor

Odin is a god in Norse mythology.

Character Outline

Odin, or Woden, first appeared in Episode X: Jack and the Lava Monster, and was portrayed as the powerful Norse god of war, wisdom, and battle. He is the leader of the Norse deities known as Aesir, and lord of Valhala.


Odin's appearance was similar to a Viking: he has a blond beard, wears an eye-patch over one eye, and dresses in a tunic of white and gold, with a large winged helmet. He has an air of benevolence and wisdom as well as respect and awe for the power he wields. As an immortal deity, his entire being shone with a divine yet serene light, just like how Ra and Vishnu did. During the battle against the dark entity in space, Odin was shown to ride on Sleipnir, his eight-legged horse.

In his first appearance, Episode X: Jack and the Lava Monster, Odin had a predominantly blue color scheme.


Millions or billions of years before Jack was even born, Odin, along with his fellow gods, Ra and Vishnu, were battling a great evil entity somewhere in the vastness of outer space. Their divine weapons injured and burnt the great evil in the same way that Jack's katana did, but given the self-regeneration powers the entity possessed, it could not be defeated in a few blows, since its substance was difficult to destroy even through the use of their collaborative attacks. In the battle, Odin cut off a part of the entity with Gungnir, but its divine power did not burn away the severed part completely, allowing it to drift away from the scene, seemingly unnoticed by them.

Odin as his fellow gods years later appears to The Emperor to give him the magical sword. Which enables him to defeat and seal Aku for ten years.

In Episode XCVIII, Odin made his return along with Ra and Rama to help Jack be reunited with his Katana after he had passed the test by vanquishing the angry consciousness inside.

Powers and Equipment

As one of the most eminent Deities of the Norse Pantheon, Odin wields a tremendous amount of almighty power, enough to destroy a supernatural being as powerful as Aku; something only fellow deities or those who can wield the mystical sword could accomplish. He can be considered to be much more powerful than Ra and Vishnu since he sustains no damage during the battle again the Great Evil that gives birth to Aku.

  • Gungnir Blasts: Odin wields a powerful spear called Gungnir, which he could use to fire blue meteor-like blasts that are capable of damaging even evil entities with self-regenerating abilities, like Aku.
  • Omniscience: Odin was able to sense Aku's rise to power on Earth. Along with Ra and Vishnu, he greeted the Emperor during their first meeting while assuming the form of a Buddhist monk, and later forged the Emperor's essence of virtue into a katana. These demonstrate Odin's knowledge of Buddhism and Japanese culture, as well as his respect for them.
  • Premonition: Though never yet shown, Odin is capable of infinitely endless knowledge and wisdom of all that exists or has yet to exist.
  • Shape Shifting: As a deity, Odin is able to change his physical form at will, as seen by how he first appeared to the Emperor as a Buddhist monk.
  • Summoning: Odin, along with Ra and Vishnu, is capable of summoning spiritual essences of virtues that reside within human beings, as seen by how he and his fellow deities summoned the very essence of purity and righteousness from within the Emperor.
  • Astral Projection: During the forging of the katana, Odin was shown to be capable of projecting his spirit out from his body - he projected his spirit in the form of a Buddhist monk to forge the katana, while his main body remained behind, glowing in blue.
  • Transmutation: Odin and his fellow deities transmute the Emperor's virtues into a steel katana.
  • Immortality: As a deity, Odin is immortal.
  • Mystical Weaponry Creation: He has infinite strength and energy to forge a samurai sword that possesses mighty, mystical properties. Once made, he and his fellow deities chose it to wielded by the one worthy of its power of good and light.


  • Odin is the first of the three gods Jack has interacted with, albeit indirectly, by assisting the Warrior in getting to Valhalla.

Odin and Sleipnir

Odin (far right) in his first in-show appearance alongside the Warrior, Thor and other Norse Gods and Goddesses.

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