SAMURAI JACK!!!! This you...? Yeah, look like you.

—Og, Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack

Og is a bounty hunter who appeared in "Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack." He was referred to by Jack as "crazy round man."

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.


Og speaks in a shrill voice, and is short, round and furry, with long, sharp claws and a belt, presumably holding ammunition. It is worth noting that he fights Jack with his claws instead of other weapons. Jack defeats him by ducking and using his legs to propel him out of the enclosed area around the bar where he fought him. His name is revealed in the credits. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Og was first seen outside the bar when Jack exits from the building, screaming his name. When Og sees the resemblance between his look & the face seen in the electronic wanted posters, he immediately rushes to attack, only destroying his straw hat. Thinking that Samurai Jack is weak, Og prepares for one final strike, by only getting himself thrown over the wall by him, and he faints. After this, Jack told him that he won't be getting his bounty cash. (Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack)


  • Og somewhat resembles Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise.
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