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The Orc Army was an army that set out to kill Samurai Jack while he was in a deep meditative trance. Ashi managed to kill all of them single-handedly while Jack was meditating.



The members of the Orc Army are monstrous warriors with warty green skin, narrow yellow eyes, pig-like noses, and irregular white teeth. They have burly frames covered in dark blue armor, leaving only their hands and part of their faces exposed. They wield long spears and swords in battle, relying more on brute force and overwhelming numbers than strategy or individual skill.


The Orc Army set out to kill Samurai Jack while his associate, Ashi, stood guard as he meditated atop a high mountain. On their way up, they encountered Ashi, who refused to let them pass. After leading his men in laughing raucously (although most of them were too far away to actually know what they were laughing at), the leader of the army mocked the young girl's chances against his forces; Ashi's defiant dismissal of his threats enraged him and his army into a full-scale attack.

True to her word, Ashi easily dismantled the entire Orc Army despite their massive numerical advantage. After punching out the leader, she used him as a battering ram to plow through the rest of the army climbing the mountain, knocking many of them into the spears of their comrades massed below. The former assassin then leaped into the fray at the foot of the mountain's base, slaughtering the remaining orcs with frightening efficiency; however, this allowed the High Priestess to climb to the mountaintop unimpeded.

When Jack finally emerged from his trance, he surveyed the ruined remnants of the Orc Army far below and commented that Ashi had been "busy" during his introspection. At least one orc still had enough life left in him to groan in pain by this point, but they presumably all perished from their wounds.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected their existence in the future.


  • According to one member of the army, the orcs are fond of eating squirrels.
  • They are all voiced by Greg Baldwin and Daran Norris.
  • The Orc Army may be a reference to The Lord of the Rings franchise; more specifically, to the Uruk-Hai army seen in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Two Towers.
  • The way the orcs laugh together at Ashi's challenge is similar to how Aku (creating a army of self-duplicates through discarded samurai armor) laughs at The Emperor in "The Birth Of Evil, Part 2".
  • The orc leader's threat to Ashi ("We're going to rip you apart into little pieces, and then take those pieces, and rip them apart into even more pieces!") is similar to Gordo's threat to Jack ("I'm going to tear you into little shreds, and then I'm going to take those shreds and rip them into little shreds!") in "Jack and the Smackback".
  • Ashi's fight with the Orc Army is similar to Jack's fight with the Beetle Drones in "The First Fight".
  • The Orc Army might have been send by the High Priestess to distract Ashi so that she is able to assassinate Jack while he is vulnerable. This may mean that she is aware that Ashi has defected and decided to take matters into her own hands.
  • Ashi's one-sided slaughter of the Orc Army marks the largest confirmed on-screen kill count in the series.
    • As a result of the above, Ashi has the highest confirmed kill count of any human or mortal character in the entire series.
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