Princess Mira is an intergalactic bounty hunter and the former ruler of the Andaluvian nation. She made her only appearance in Episode XLIV: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters.


She has waist-length orange hair, big eyes, and large lips, and wears a high-tech circlet and full-body armor colored in varying shades of blue and bluish-gray. She is usually scowling. Her appearance might take some inspiration from Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars' Return of the Jedi where, in the beginning, she is also disguised, using a voice-changing mask.


Her backstory is somewhat similar to Jack, though her goal strays from his. Princess Mira was once ruler of the Andaluvians, but when Aku enslaved her people, she became a bounty hunter. She garnered an impressive reputation for herself, though nobody reveals any exact details. Her ultimate goal was to claim Jack's bounty as a ransom for her people's liberty. In Episode XLIV, "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters," she met up with the bounty hunters Jujunga, I and Am, The Gentleman, and Boris. Jack was traveling through the snow regions at the time, and all of them sought to claim his bounty. Mira listened to each of the bounty hunters' plans to kill Jack, and pointed out their flaws in each one, finishing by denouncing all of them as powerless against the samurai. Boris attacked her in rage, but she easily defeated him, upon which she revealed her identity, and said that as strong as she was, Mira knew that she was incapable of defeating Jack. She told them of her plan, combining all of their intended strategies with a plan to ambush him in the snow, snatch his sword, and finish him off with Am's bombs. She promised that in exchange for their cooperation, she would pay them the sum of Jack's bounty plus tenfold. All of them agreed though Boris did so somewhat reluctantly. Mira sent Am to keep a lookout for Jack and supervised the remaining bounty hunters when they were digging for the trap, compelling Boris to continue by her mere presence. After they finished preparing, she whiled the time away by practicing iai slashes on water drops from a melting icicle. Soon, Am sent word to I that Jack was approaching, and when I passed on the news, they all fled to the trap. They waited for several tense minutes as Jack approached. When they sprung the trap, the fight ended in only a few seconds; Jack effortlessly defeated I, Jajunga, The Gentleman, and Am with a single sword slash each, and defeated Boris by catching and then throwing Am's bombs at him. Mira fell with identical ease, Jack using his sword to shatter hers, kicking her in the abdomen and destroying her helmet with a punch, sending her flying into a nearby tree trunk. Mira got up as Jack sheathed his sword, and she saw that the others were defeated. Discouraged but unwilling to give up, she drew her dagger and prepared to attack as Jack stood by impassively, his back to Mira. Ultimately, she knew that it was a futile effort; shedding bitter tears, she dropped the dagger and fell to her knees in defeat. Jack neither spoke nor looked at her, not even turning to face her again, as he continued his journey. After the past Aku's destruction, her kingdom was presumably spared from the oppression by Aku. However, how it affected her existence is unknown.

Abilities and equipment

  • Physical Power: Mira is lithe, agile, and has significant physical capabilities, allowing her to defeat the much larger and bulkier Boris easily.
  • Metal Suit: Mira wears a suit of metal armor over her entire body, which seems to offer significant protection against her enemies. Her helmet contains a speech modifier that significantly deepens her voice, allowing her to masquerade as a male if need be.
  • Tactical Skill: Mira is a skilled tactician, correctly knowing that she would not be able to defeat Jack on her own and coming up with a formidable plan to beat him. However, she ultimately made the same mistake that she pointed out to each of her fellow bounty hunters: underestimating Jack's capabilities.
  • Weapons: Mira is an expert swordsman and staff fighter. The sword that she carries resembles a bo staff when sheathed, allowing her access to both fighting styles. The material that composes the blade pales before the strength of Jack's sword, however. She also carries a dagger as a last resort.
  • Swordsmanship: Despite being easily bested by Jack, Mira is still an excellent swordsman, as she is able to repeatedly slice falling drops of water in half with her blade in a single motion.
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