This evil must be destroyed

—Ra to The Emperor

Ra is a powerful god, in Egyptian mythology, who made his first appearance in Episode XXXI: Jack in Egypt.

Character Outline

Ra, otherwise known as Re, is one of the most prominent gods in Egyptian mythology and the god of the sun, specifically the noonday. His form changed during the course of the day, beginning as the scarab Khepri (an amulet of whom was used to summon him), Ra in midday, and Amun-Ra at dusk.


He has the body of a man, but the head of falcon and wore an Egyptian double crown in battle. He was seen riding on a crocodile, an animal treated in Egyptian myth. Like Odin, he had a predominantly gold color scheme. Ra also carried an ankh, the Egyptian symbol for life.

In his first appearance in Episode XXXI: Jack in Egypt, Ra had a mostly black body and yellow eyes.


Episode XXXVII: The Birth of Evil, Part 1

Ra, Odin, and Vishnu were battling an evil entity in space, but despite most of the creature having been defeated, a small portion of it escaped to Earth, landing in Japan, and transformed the landscape with Tar like pools, and black,

Amun Ra

Ra in his Amun Ra form

spiky Tree-like structures that shot up from the ground, spreading and emerging so fast, they often defeated warriors by piercing them from below. It began to terrorize the lands; one being the land of Jack's father, a powerful Samurai Lord. Jack's father and his forces tried to defeat it with a special arrow, but failed, as the Mumbo Jumbo used to create the poison the arrow was dipped in had given the Formless Evil a form... and it became Aku, who explains he was trapped in that form, and thanked the Samurai Lord because he was now more Powerful, and then went on a rampage. Ra,


Odin, and Vishnu appeared before the Samurai Lord and created a sword made from the purity of the man's being, giving him a chance to defeat Aku. The Samurai soon defeated Aku and saved his land from total destruction.

Episode XXXI: Jack in Egypt

When Jack was threatened by the Minions of Set, he found himself outmatched and managed to summon Ra, who proceeded to use his eye beams to vaporize them. Jack attempted to pursuade Ra to tell him of any time portals the god might be aware of. Enigmatically, Ra ascended into the sky without answering, leaving Jack to suppose that he did not.

Powers and Equipment


Ra and his Khopesh sword

Ra was an incredibly powerful deity. His power was so great he could actually injure Aku which he does so through the use of his scepter, which has only been done by four others: His fellow deities Odin and Vishnu, and Jack, as well as his father.

  • Khopesh: Similarly to how Odin uses his spear and Vishnu uses his bow and arrows respectively, Ra channels his power in the form of ancient Egyptian hierarchic symbols via his khopesh sword.
  • Photokinesis: Ra has the power to fire intense beams of light from his eyes. These beams were powerful enough to destroy the minions of Set that not even Jack's katana could permanently destroy (which only inflicted temporary damage). Ra, along with Odin and Vishnu were capable of summoning the very essence of purity and righteousness from within the Samurai lord.
  • Shapeshifting: As a god, Ra is able to change his form and appearance at will, e.g. a Buddhist monk.
  • Omniscience: He is aware of Aku's rise on Earth. He assumes the form of a Buddhist monk and forges the Emperor's virtues into a katana, showing his knowledge of Japanese culture and Buddhism, and also his respect of them. Another possible reason is that the benevolent teachings of Buddhism is in harmony with Maat.
  • Immortality: As a god Ra is immortal.
  • Astral projection: During the forging scene, he is capable of projecting his spirit as the form of a Buddhist monk to forge the katana, while his main body is seen behind, glowing in blue.
  • Transmutation: He and his fellow gods transmuted the Emperor's virtues into a steel katana.


  • Although Ra is the god of the sun, in-universe the sun appears to be personified as a titan.
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