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The Rams were minor characters in Season 5 of Samurai Jack.


The rams appeared to be little, presumably younglings, with purple wool, horns, and white fur, as well as small thin eyebrows and black dot eyes..

When the rams were corrupted by Aku, they became large, demonic bulls with two pairs of horns identical to Aku's and a set of sharp teeth. Their eyes glowed purple.


In Episode XCVIII, it was revealed in a flashback that Jack was followed by three little curious rams when he traveled to the top of a mountain that had a time portal. However, Aku pulled Jack from the portal before he could reach the past and then destroyed the portal, gleefully announcing that it was the last time portal in existence. As Jack convulsed in all-consuming rage, Aku corrupted the rams into monstrous, bull-like versions of themselves before leaving the scene.

The corrupted rams attacked Jack, who swiftly and brutally butchered them in his fury. He was apparently unaware of their true forms until their transformations were undone in death; when he saw their corpses before him, he was horrified by his reckless actions. Stunned by his unwitting murder of innocent beings, he was nearly crushed by a crumbling monolith; though he managed to avoid it, the impact knocked his katana into the deep hole where the time portal once materialized. This marked the beginning of Jack's spiral into depression and cynicism, both out of guilt for his murder of the rams and despair at the loss of his sword.

After Jack regained his resolve thanks to Ashi, the two of them returned to the mountain in search of his sword. Descending into the hole, they found no trace of the weapon; only the scattered bones of one of the rams Jack had slain that day. While Jack was left shaken and mournful by the reminder of his act of rage, the sight also gave him an epiphany; he hadn't lost the sword, it had abandoned him after his emotional breakdown. This gave him the idea to meditate and spiritually purify himself to regain his worthiness to wield the sword. During Jack's vision quest, Ashi used the horn of one of the deceased rams as a makeshift dagger against her mother.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected the rams' existence in the future, but they most likely came back to life since there was no Aku to corrupt them or Jack to kill them.


  • It is implied that the rams may be the keepers of the time portal that was upon their mountain. Once he reaches the peak, Jack sees monoliths with their faces carved on them, and one of the rams walks ahead of him to where the time portal is.
  • The rams' corrupted forms bear resemblance to one of Aku's transformations in "The Beginning".
    • Both sheep and cattle are members of the Bovidae family, which also includes antelope and goats, which may explain why the rams' corrupted forms resemble bulls more than actual rams.


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