Raptor is a minor antagonist appearing in Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback.

Character outline

Raptor is one of the Dome of Doom Champions. He is a frog-like monster that uses his tongue as his weapon.


Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback

Raptor is one of the last 6 Champions summoned by the Ringmaster after Jack has defeated the first 3 Champions. Raptor took action by using his tongue to catch Jack, and retracing the Samurai back to him, but to only get kicked by Jack. Later, Raptor took one of the weapons as an attempt to fight against Jack's sword, but only to be sliced off by it. Jack made use with the Champion's tongue by firing it into Maotis and The Claw, severing his tongue, causing the 2 Champions, and caused Raptor to run off. It is unknown if Raptor's tongue is able to grow back.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

Powers and abilities

  • Tongue: Raptor's tongue, similar to a chameleon's, can extend to great lengths and has a sucker at the end to trap prey. Raptor is also able to wield weapons with his tongue.


  • This is one of the few times Jack is seen inflicting flesh wounds on his opponents.
  • Of the last 6 champions, he's the only one to survive having been able to escape the area.
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