Template:Title Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku is a game based on the Samurai Jack TV series and also series finale. The game allows the player to go through various episodes in the game and end in a final battle with Aku. Other bosses include Mad Jack, and The Scotsman.

The game features an original story interconnected throughout 24 levels in 4 worlds. The player takes control of Jack, the series' protagonist and main character, as he rescues villagers, battles Aku's minions, and ultimately searches for the time portal to take him back to his own time. Jack's move set contains 25 moves and combo attacks, and his weapons include four elemental swords, shurikens, and a bow and arrow. The player can also fill Jack's "Zen meter", which allows him to enter a special slow-motion attack mode called "Sakai mode", among other things.


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