Samurai Jack! Man, it is good to see you, babe. What took you so long? I decimated this village days ago, just for you. Oh wait, this is you, right? I mean who could recognize you with all that gear, and ruggedness, baby?
I'll tell you who: Me! Be-bee-ba-boo-bo-da... Scaramouch the Merciless! The Pied-Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All, baby! Also known as... Aku's most favorite assassin, babe.

—Scaramouch introducing himself, Episode XCII

Scaramouch the Merciless was an android who used to be Aku's top assassin. He is now Aku's third top assassin since Deathblow and Da-Bomb take his top place.


His appearance is similar to X9, but with teal eyes instead of red, a longer neck, and a larger functional mouth with teeth and a tongue. He wears a black straw hat, yellow scarf, red high-heel boots, a long purple coat with red interior, and a large black belt.


Despite Scaramouch's seemingly affable attitude to Jack, he is nevertheless a homicidal psychopath who massacred an entire town of innocent people in order to draw Jack's attention.

Unlike other robots sent to kill Jack, Scaramouch is very boastful and talkative. Upon noticing that Jack was without his sword, he proceeded to mock him for it, to the point of calling Aku to boast that Jack had lost the weapon. He has a tendency to call anyone he meets as babe or baby, even his boss, Aku. He is also extremely arrogant, proclaiming himself as Aku's favorite assassin. It is unknown if Aku himself considers him as such.

His arrogance ultimately proves to be his downfall, since he lets his guard down long enough for Jack to use his knife (which was imbued by Scaramouch's own magnetic force from his own knife) as a makeshift shrapnel grenade to cripple his neck (the source of his magic).

In the face of possible death, he praises Jack's fighting skill, likely a weak attempt to talk his way out of his fate, before Jack cleaves him in half with his own sword.

His boastful and arrogant behavior continues to become a problem for him in XCVII, as he constantly gets into trouble with residents on the ship and the guard. When he is stopped by the guard (who points out Scaramouch's condition), Scaramouch resolves to using his prideful title as 'Aku's favorite' to get on board, which doesn't work due to him being moved down to 3rd favorite on the leaderboard, much to his annoyance. He is also capable of showing shocked or disgusted emotions as well, as he comments on the creepiness of the head shape of the passenger who helped him get on board.

His 'headliner' status makes him even more arrogant, this is shown when whilst relaxing on a chair, he orders what he thought was a waitress, to get him a drink, much to her anger. He also sees himself as invincible, as he confronts and insults a group of anthropomorphic dogs by calling them "Rover" and claiming that they should "look in a mirror", therefore ending with him being thrown overboard.


By the time Jack reaches the plume of smoke, he arrives at a ruined city, filled with rubble and the corpses of its dead citizens. Jack meets the robot assassin Scaramouch, who claims himself to be Aku's most favored assassin and remarks on Jack's nigh-unrecognizable appearance, including the loss of Jack's sword. In a flashback, Jack recalls his signature weapon falling down a pit as he looks in horror. Laughing, Scaramouch declares that Jack is no threat without his sword, and calls Aku on his mobile phone to make a report, but Jack destroys the phone with a thrown kunai.

Satisfied with this turn of events, Scaramouch begins to fight Jack, first by playing a magical flute that forms a golem out of the city's rubble. Jack quickly discovers that Scaramouch can rebuild the golem easily by reanimating more rocks to replace any part he breaks off. Landing among a pile of rocks after destroying the golem, Jack is once again swept up in another hallucination, this time seeing the rocks around him as the children of the city, begging him for help. The mysterious rider, prevalent in his other visions, looks down on the scene. Jack pleads for their understanding, causing Scaramouch to think Jack has gone "beaucoup cuckoo". Coming back to reality with a rock to the face, Jack eventually destroys the flute, but Scaramouch reveals that his voice was the true source of his magic. The robot proves his point by scatting. This impromptu singing animates Scaramouch's sword to continue the fight against Jack.

While Jack barely dodges the sword's attacks, Scaramouch brings out another blade which opens up like a tuning fork, demonstrating its ability to vibrate at a frequency powerful enough to shatter Jack's own knives. As Scaramouch fights Jack to a standstill, he gloats over his victory, but Jack throws his remaining sword at Scaramouch, still vibrating from clashing with the tuning fork sword. The sword explodes at the last second, severely damaging Scaramouch's vocal chord equivalent, leaving him unable to fight. Scaramouch admits defeat as Jack cleaves him in two with Scaramouch's first blade, after which Jack keeps the tuning fork sword for himself as he leaves.

It is revealed that he survives the attack from Jack but now reduces to only his head. He awakens and starts to rejoice whilst singing about his wellbeing. Upon noticing his broken phone, he remembers about the status of Jack's sword and sets off on a quest to call Aku.

He ends up bouncing his head all the way to a port (the same one where the Scotsman helped Jack try and regain his memories), when celebrating his discovery, he ends up being accidently kicked down a hill by civilians walking past. As he approaches aboard a ship, he is stopped by a hulking sailor guard, who points Scaramouch to a sign that claims 'no shirt, no shoes, no body. No entry'. Scaramouch tries to use his status as 'Aku's favorite' to get passed, only for the sailor to point towards a sign explaining the current leaderboard of Aku's favorites (to which Scaramouch has been set to 3rd place). Annoyed by his replacement as a favorite, he resolves to prove himself through his quest and starts to look for ways in such as hiding inside a woman's hair (but being seen and thrown out by the sailor), placing his head on a Dog (a new rule claiming 'No Dog' stops him). Ultimately, he manages to strike a deal with a civilian to combine the assassin's head with the civilians body; this works and he manages to get on board. He is then reminded by the civilian that he is owed 50 credits, but Scaramouch simply implies that Aku will reward him, once the civilian leaves, Scaramouch is disgusted with the shape of the civilians head; claiming it "looks like a penis".

Once on the ship, Scaramouch spend his time relaxing, until he mistakes a woman for a waitress and commands her to bring him a drink, therefore angering the woman and causing her to kick Scaramouch towards a wall. Once recovering from the assault, he notices a conveniently placed phone box on the ship, to which he proceeds to call Aku. As he starts to tell Aku about Jack's sword, Aku responds with a confused voice due to him not hearing him from the background noise. Scaramouch impatiently orders the passengers to keep their voice down, only to offend a bunch of anthropomorphic dogs, who proceed to throw him overboard.



Season 5

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Scaramouch is remarkably agile. He was able to leap tall structures in a single bound, quickly dodge Jack's attacks, and massacred an entire village in only a day.
  • Musical Telekinesis: Using a "magic" flute, Scaramouch can levitate objects and create golems to fight opponents. When the flute is destroyed, he can continue to levitate objects by scatting, indicating this power comes from his voice and the flute merely amplifies his ability, since he only needs to control his sword through his voice. His power depends on his vocal chords, and he becomes helpless after Jack damages his neck, nullifying the ability.
  • Swordsmanship: Scaramouch is a master sword fighter, easily holding his own against even the experienced Jack, and carries multiple blades on his person, including a heavy scimitar and a special "tuning sword" that destroys objects on contact.
  • Multilinguist: Scaramouch appears to understand French, as he taunts Jack with au revoir which is goodbye in the language. However, he sarcastically remarks it's French for "You're dead, babe."
  • Observant Analyst: Scaramouch is shown to be very observant as he's able to point out that Jack has changed his appearance a lot and he even noticed that the samurai doesn't have his sword anymore.
  • Manoeuverability: Scaramouch is able to get to different places even if he only has just his head and part of his neck by just hopping around on the latter.


  • "Samurai Jack! Man, it is good to see you, babe. What took you so long? I decimated this village days ago, just for you. Oh wait, this is you, right? I mean who could recognize you with all that gear, and ruggedness, baby?"
  • "I'll tell you who: Me! Be-bee-ba-boo-bo-da... Scaramouch the Merciless! The Pied-Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All, baby! Also known as... Aku's most favorite assassin, babe".
  • "Oh, there it is, babe. The world famous scowl. Well, come on, Sammy baby, whip it out! You know what I'm talking about. That crazy sword of yours. Let's get slicin' and dicin', hackin' and slashin', swingin' and bashin', babe!"
  • "Wait, back off a sec there, beardsly. your sword? Huh? I don't see it. Oh? No, no, no, no, NO, babe! Don't tell me. You lost...your sword?"
  • "Okay, Jacky baby, you just make with the scowl while I make with the phone and call up Aku."
  • "Oh, nice choreography Babe; you haven't lost a step. Well then, let's dance"
  • "You know Baby, I wasn't crazy about the front scrub, but I am grooving on the mane."
  • "That Samurai has gone beaucoup-cuckoo"
  • "You might have destroyed my magic flute, but you cannot destroy the musical magic that is Me, Babe"
  • "Dig that Beautiful sound, Baby!"
  • "Hey Babe, I told you, I'm Aku's favourite. No-one plays the blades like I do. NO-ONE!"
  • "Well it's been fun Jacko, but I've got to move on. Au Revoir. That's French for, you're dead Babe!"
  • "Well Babe, time for me to shuffle off stage. Looks like you're the headliner now, huh?"
  • "That's all, Babe."
  • "I'm Alive! Do-Do-Do-Dooo, I'm Alive!I'm Alive!"
  • "Oh right, that Samurai-Shmuck broke my phone. I gotta tell Aku that Jacky-boy lost his sword. Oh well, I guess I'm bunny-hopping my way there"
  • "Oh man. All this walking is hurting my neck"
  • "Hey, I made it. I finally made it"
  • "What is the problem, Babe?"
  • "Swing-a-ding-ding. I am Aku's top bot. The assassin, with the sassin"
  • "Oh baby, I have come down from the world"
  • "One day, you're the star of the show, the next you're the third act of a two act play"
  • "well this star is a headliner babe, and once I tell Aku, Jacky-O lost his Sword-O, I'll be Numero Uno, once more-O"
  • "Woohoo! Numero Uno, here I come Babe!"
  • "What a freak. Looked like a talking penis"
  • "Hey Babe, be a doll and fetch us a drinky ..."
  • "Scaramouch, you are one lucky devil"
  • "Aku, my boss man. You will not believe what I discovered"
  • "Hey fellas, can you keep it right down? I'm trying to have a conversation"
  • "Yeah, that's right Rover, I want you to keep your barking to a minimum"
  • "Ok little puppy, you looked in a mirror lately? Now, go get somebody their slippers or something, I'm on the line"
  • "So I wanted to tell you Aku. Jack-O lost his s-"


  • Scaramouch name is derived from a stock clown character of the Italian commedia dell'arte.
  • His speech pattern is based on Sammy Davis Jr.
  • His phone has a speed dial that allows him to contact Aku immediately. This allows him to communicate with Aku anytime he wishes while the Cult of Aku have no access to any means to do so.
  • Scaramouch is the only known robot enemy that survived his encounter with Jack.
  • Scaramouch can apparently still scatter despite only his head remaining; it is however not strong enough to levitate even himself or anything else.
  • Scaramouch's eyes are no longer blue in XCVII, but rather white.
    • However while in possession of a dog's body and the "talking penis's" body, his eyes reverted back to its blue colour. This may suggest that his eye colour changes based on whether or not he possess a body.
  • Scaramouch appears to frequently break the 4th wall in his second appearance by consistently facing the camera and speaking to the audience.
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