Scaramouche, better known as the Pied Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, and the Eradicator of All, is voiced by Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants, Ice King, Mr. Mayor, etc.). Scaramouche is a robot assassin that uses the power of sound to his advantage over his foes. For example, He can use his flute to create golems, lift large objects, and move multiple stones or people at once. He also utilizes a very unique sword, similar to a tuning fork, which causes an enemies weapon(s) to explode on contact, due to high frequencies. This can also effect buildings and other objects. He also uses his Chinese glaive in combat, which can also be controlled by telekenisis.

However, his combat style can be used against him, if his flute is destroyed. His tuning sword was also used against him by Samurai Jack, when he simply threw his dagger at Scaramouche just before it exploded.

Scaramouche met his end at the hands of Samurai Jack, when the samurai obtained his glaive and sliced the robot in half, causing it to explode.

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