The second season of Samurai Jack premiered March 1, 2002.

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Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
2 13 March 1, 2002 October 11, 2002
No. # Title Airdate Prod. Code
14 1 "Episode XIV: Jack Learns to Jump Good" March 1, 2002 201
Jack helps a peaceful tribe defend themselves against attacks in return for lessons on how to "jump good".
15 2 "Episode XV: Jack Tales" March 8, 2002 202
Three short stories about some of Jack's confrontations. He confronts a two-headed riddling worm, a family that feeds on metal, and tries to rescue a fairy from a gargoyle.
16 3 "Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback" March 15, 2002 203
Jack must defend himself in the "Dome of Doom".
17 4 "Episode XVII: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2" March 22, 2002 204
The Scotsman needs Jack's help in rescuing his kidnapped wife from the castle of Boon.
18 5 "Episode XVIII: Jack and the Ultra-robots" March 29, 2002 205
After Jack finds several destroyed cities, he tries to stop the eight ultra-bots responsible with the help of the professor who originally created them.
19 6 "Episode XIX: Jack Remembers the Past" April 5, 2002 206
Jack returns to his birthplace and reminisces about his childhood.
20 7 "Episode XX: Jack and The Three Monks" April 12, 2002 207
Jack searches for truth by climbing the "Mountain of Fatoom" with three monks.
21 8 "Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon" September 6, 2002 208
A village is overpowered by a stench coming from "The Spire". Jack investigates and finds a dragon with severe indigestion.
22 9 "Episode XXII: Jack and the Hunters" September 13, 2002 209
Aku enlists a band of elite hunters to capture Jack for him.
23 10 "Episode XXIII: Jack versus Demongo, The Soul Collector" September 20, 2002 210
Jack battles Demongo, Aku's most powerful minion, and his army of captured warriors.
24 11 "Episode XXIV: Jack Is Naked" September 27, 2002 211
Jack's clothes are stolen and he must get them back while being chased by an angry mob who think he is a "cat" burglar and by the police for almost-indecent exposure.
25 12 "Episode XXV: Jack and the Spartans" October 4, 2002 212
As Jack climbs up to the top of a great mountain he meets up with a band of 300 warriors and offers to help them win a war that has raged for five generations against an army of robots that repairs itself after every day of battle.
26 13 "Episode XXVI: Jack's Sandals" October 11, 2002 213
Jack goes after a gang of bikers who destroy his sandals, and has trouble picking new footwear.


  • This season was released on DVD on May 24, 2005.
    • A Blu-ray set containing all five seasons was released on October 17, 2017.
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