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The third season of Samurai Jack premiered October 18, 2002.

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Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
3 13 October 18, 2002 August 26, 2003
No. # Title Airdate Prod. Code
27 1 "Episode XXVII: Chicken Jack" October 18, 2002 301
A vengeful wizard turns Jack into a chicken. He then has to figure out how to return to normal.
28 2 "Episode XXVIII: Jack and the Rave" November 1, 2002 302
As Jack passes through a town he discovers that all the children of the town are going to a rave party and have been hypnotized by Aku's music, which is being played on the outskirts of town, turning the children to violence and keeping them away from their parents.
29 3 "Episode XXIX: Couple on a Train" November 8, 2002 303
While taking a trip on an Old West-style train, Jack is stalked by a bounty hunter, Ezekiel Clench. Jack evades capture but is caught by Clench's ex-wife Josephine.
30 4 "Episode XXX: Jack and the Zombies" October 25, 2002 304
Jack's path lands him in a graveyard. Mobbed by undead warriors, Jack must fight against his own sword – in Aku's hand.
31 5 "Episode XXXI: Jack in Egypt" November 22, 2002 305
Aku unleashes the minions of Set. Only a distant memory can save Jack when he encounters the minions in an eerily familiar surrounding.
32 6 "Episode XXXII: Jack and the Travelling Creatures" April 26, 2003 306
Jack's path leads to a mysterious lake. Several creatures guide him to a passage through time. However, once Jack reaches the passage, he discovers an unbeatable warrior guards it.
33 7 "Episode XXXIII: Jack and the Creature" May 3, 2003 307
While continuing on his mission, Jack is followed by an overly friendly creature who accidentally thwarts his every move.
34 8 "Episode XXXIV: Jack and the Swamp Monster" May 10, 2003 308
Jack meets a Hermit who guides him to three gems of Cronus.
35 9 "Episode XXXV: Jack and the Haunted House" May 17, 2003 309
Jack encounters a haunted house in his travels and must free the family trapped inside.
36 10 "Episode XXXVI: Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son" May 31, 2003 310
Jack meets a hidden temple of Shaolin Monks, who agree to help guide him to a time portal.
37 11 "Episode XXXVII: The Birth of Evil, Part 1" August 16, 2003 311
This epic story tells how Aku came to exist, and how he came to be in conflict with Jack's father.
38 12 "Episode XXXVIII: The Birth of Evil, Part 2" August 16, 2003 312
This epic story tells how Aku came to exist, and how he came to be in conflict with Jack's father.
39 13 "Episode XXXIX: Jack and the Labyrinth" August 26, 2003 313
Jack finds a booby-trapped labyrinth, in the center of which is a diamond which could send him back to his own time. But a mysterious stranger who has also entered the maze could put Jack's plans in jeopardy.


  • This is the only season not to feature The Scotsman.
  • This season was released on DVD on May 23, 2006.
    • A Blu-ray set containing all five seasons was released on October 17, 2017.