The fourth season of Samurai Jack premiered June 14, 2003. After this season ended the series halted (or unofficially cancelled) for creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, had plans to make a movie based on the series; however, it wasn't greenlit until late 2008. As of now, the film was in pre-production in 2012, and no update has been released as of yet.

In September 2012, it was announced that the film wa still in development and it will be released as soon as it's finished. However, because Mako (the voice of Aku) died in 2006, a new voice for the character will have to be addressed.

In December 2015, a new season was announced to broadcast in 2016, on Adult Swim, a block on Cartoon Network. In October 2016 it was announced that the airdate for the new season has been pushed up to 2017.

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Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
4 13 June 14, 2003 September 25, 2004
No. # Title Airdate Prod. Code
40 1 "Episode XL: Samurai versus Ninja" June 14, 2003 401
Aku sends a ninja after Jack in hopes the samurai's swordsmanship will be outdone by the ninja's unmatched skills of stealth.
41 2 "Episode XLI: Robo-Samurai versus Mondo Bot" June 21, 2003 402
Jack uses a stone giant to defeat Mondo-Bot to defend a city of robots.
42 3 "Episode XLII: Samurai versus Samurai" June 28, 2003 403
Jack meets an annoying would-be samurai and teaches him a lesson.
43 4 "Episode XLIII: The Aku Infection" November 5, 2003 404
When Aku catches a cold and spreads it to Jack, Jack is accidentally infected with Aku's evil. Jack desperately seeks out a cure before Aku's essence transforms him into the monstrosity himself.
44 5 "Episode XLIV: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters" November 12, 2003 405
A group of bounty hunters team up to capture Jack.
45 6 "Episode XLV: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 1" August 23, 2003 406
The Scotsman suddenly discovers Jack aboard a ship with his memory completely blanked out. Refusing to let Jack think he's an ordinary commoner, the Scotsman sets out to discover what caused the samurai to suffer his amnesia ? and stave off bounty hunters after a now defenseless Jack, having forgotten how to wield his sword.
46 7 "Episode XLVI: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2" August 23, 2003 407
The source of Jack's amnesia is discovered in three beautiful sirens, whose bewitching song can hypnotize the strongest warrior.
47 8 "Episode XLVII: Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess" November 19, 2003 408
Jack helps save fairy-like aliens who have fled from their homeworld and been captured by Aku.
48 9 "Episode XLVIII: Jack versus Aku" November 24, 2003 409
Aku challenges Jack to a final fight, in which he won't use his powers if Jack refrains from using his sword. Jack soon finds out that even though he may keep his word, Aku is not as trustworthy.
49 10 "Episode XLIX: The Four Seasons of Death" September 25, 2004 410
Jack faces four different menaces on different seasons of the year.
50 11 "Episode L: Tale of X-49" September 25, 2004 411
A story of a robot with emotions, being blackmailed by Aku to hunt down Jack.
51 12 "Episode LI: Young Jack in Africa" September 25, 2004 412
A tale of Jack training in Africa as a child and how that training was put to the test when Aku's minions captured the tribe he was living with.
52 13 "Episode LII: Jack and the Baby" September 25, 2004 413
Jack rescues a baby from hungry ogres, but then trying to find the child's mother while caring for it and protecting it may be his greatest challenge. During the episode, Jack retells the story of Momotar? to the baby.


  • This is the first season where The Scotsman appears in more than one episode, as well as a brief cameo appearance in Episode XLIII: The Aku Infection.
  • This season was released on DVD on August 28, 2007.
    • A Blu-ray set containing all five seasons was released on October 17, 2017.
  • On November 24, 2003, the series went on hiatus for almost a year until the last four episodes of the season were released on September 25, 2004.
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