The Ninja is a minor antagonist in the show who is actually a robot.

Character Outline

The Ninja was one of the many subordiantes that Aku sent to kill Jack. He was about Jack's height, wore a black ninja outfit called a Shinobi Shizoku, had a black sword he wore on his back, and had red eyes. He was a master of stealth and assassination and practiced against Samurai Jack droids to perfect his art.


The Ninja first appeared in what seemed to be some sort of temple where Jack was praying, swiftly and without sound approached the Samurai and quickly cut him down before the latter could reach for his blade. However this was revealed to be a simulation in order for Aku to test the bounty hunter's skills. Satisfied, he sent The Ninja to kill Jack. He is later seen stalking Jack in a jungle, but before he could attack, a small boy ran out of some bushes while a robotic lobster-like creature was chasing him. After seeing this, the Shinobi hid in the shadows and continued to follow Jack. After the latter defeated the robot the Ninja kidnapped the young boy seen earlier and took him to an abandoned tower as bait. Jack soon arrived at the tower and was attacked by The Ninja, but managed to save the boy. After the boy went to safety, Jack decided to fight The Ninja at his own game, but used the light instead of the darkness to hide. The two were evenly matched, but with the sun setting, Jack was slowly lose his hiding spots. In the end, Jack defeated The Ninja by reflecting the last sliver of light into The Ninja's eyes, blinding him and causing him to drop his guard. Jack finished The Ninja by throwing his sword at him, impaling him to a post and cutting him in half.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master Infiltrator: The Ninja could infiltrate any area or building without being detected, even by Jack.
  • Martial Arts Master: Though he specialized in assassination, The Ninja was highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing punches and kicks with his sword, catching his opponents off guard.
  • Master Swordsman: The Ninja's sword was his main weapon and tool used to carry out assassinations. His skill with it was great enough that, when neither he nor Jack had the use of their particular element, he held a slight but noteworthy advantage against Jack in open combat.
  • Master Camouflage: The Ninja can become completely invisible and undetected whenever in any shade of darkness.


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