Soule the Seel is a recurring character in the Samurai Jack Comic Series.


Soule the Seel appeared in the first issue of thew classic Samurai Jack comics known as the Threads of Time, where he was sought out by Samurai Jack to seek knowledge on how to get back to his own timeline, only for Soule to tell him about the Threads of Time and that he needed to regather all of the peaces in order to time travel.

Soule later appeared in The Quest Four the Broken Blade Part One, where Jack met up with him again some time after the events of the Threads of Time in hopes to look for another way back to the past. Soule wanted Jaack to bring him to an old abandoned castle where he would praform a ritual on Jack's Katana, with Jack having to defend him from some Hellhounds.

In The Quest Four the Broken Blade Part Two, it was revealed that Soule broke the sword and said to Jack that he would have liked to see a would that was not ruled by Aku.

It is unknown how Aku's death in the past effected his existance.


  • Issue 1 The Threads of Time Part One
  • Issue 11 The Quest Four the Broken Blade Part One
  • Issue 12 The Quest Four the Broken Blade Part Two


  • Soule is so far the only character in the comics to reappear outside of the storyline he originated from.
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