Space Drones are a series of bug-like robots that make up Aku's orbital guard. They enforce Aku's will in space similar to the Beetle Drones on the ground. Space Drones come in 3 classes that resemble ticks, mosquitoes, and hornets.


After Aku is alerted of the human scientists making a rocket to escape Earth, he deploys his orbital guard into the space above the rocket's location to form a blockade. Upon detecting the scientist's rocket entering blockade range, the Space Drones attempted to intercept it in several waves. Their attacks were repelled by Jack who was also on the rocket and serving as their escort. In a final effort, the remaining Hornet Drones fused into a large gun with the intent of destroying the rocket before it hit light speed. Not wanting to take any chances, Jack disengaged from the rocket once again to protect it. In the end, he deflected the beam back at the Hornet Drones, destroying them and allowing the scientists to escape upon hitting light speed. The explosion of the fused Hornet Drones sent Jack hurtling back to the Earth where upon landing, he continued his journey.

They were presumably erased from existence after the past Aku's destruction.

Skills and Abilities

All Space Drones are capable of interstellar flight and are highly maneuverable. Each class has their own unique abilities, but all are designed for the purpose of stopping unapproved vessels from flying in and out of Earth's atmosphere. The Tick Drones are capable of attaching to ships and drilling through their hulls. Even if the rest of their body is destroyed, the heads can continue drilling with no loss in effectiveness. The Mosquito Drones can similarly force their proboscis through ship hulls to drain their fuel. Their proboscis can also be used as a stabbing weapon to fight off enemies. The Hornet Drones are more traditional in their role as a military defense. Housed inside their abdomens are guided missiles used to destroy targets. The Hornet Drones also have the ability to merge into a large space gun capable of shooting a powerful beam of energy. This seems to be used as a last resort.

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