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Our Time has come!

—Spartok, Episode XXV: Jack and the Spartans

The 300 Spartans are a group of 300 super elite spartan warriors caught in a never-ending defensive war against the mechanical army of The Beast.


The Spartans share great similarities with their historical counterparts. Spartan soldiers wear (most likely linen) shirts, greaves, bracers, and a bronze helmet. Spartok, the Spartan king, differs in that he wears a tattered red cape and a bronze cuirass.


Jack first sights the Spartans doing battle with The Beast's minotaur-bots

A mechanical monster, referred to only as "The Beast" had consumed the surrounding kingdoms for their resources, leaving only the Spartans to resist it. The narrow mountain pass leading to their home, however, made it easy to defend against the Beast's mechanical horde, but resulted in a stalemate. The Beast's machines would attack, the Spartans would destroy them, and the scrap was hauled off to rebuild and start over the next day. The last 5 Spartan kings have been locked in this stalemate, until the arrival of Jack to assist Spartok.

Episode XXV: Jack and the Spartans

Jack and Spartok face off against the Beast

After assisting an outnumbered Brotok in battle, Jack is taken before the Spartan king, Spartok, where he learns of their never-ending war and offers to assist them. Taking the stranger up on his offer, Spartok decides to lead a raid against the Beast's compound, leaving Brotok to defend the pass. 50 of the 300 Spartans push through the compound's defenders, and the Beast is defeated by Jack and Spartok. The facility goes critical and explodes after the Beast's destruction. Spartok survives, but Jack is believed dead, but his body was never found. Unbeknownst to the Spartans, Jack continues on his journey after helping the warriors free themselves. The episode ends with an elderly Spartok succumbing to his age and dying, years after the battle, but not before voicing his belief Jack had survived, believing a warrior of his caliber could not be killed so easily.

Episode XCVII

A spartan soldier wearing silver armor appeared in Da Samurai's bar.

Episode CI

The Spartans, led by an unnamed king, possibly Brotok's successor, joined Jack's allies at Aku's tower as reinforcements proclaiming, "The 300, fight for the one". They helped fend off Aku's corrupted forces and were last seen defending themselves from his rain of spikes.


A minotaur-bot sanding its head down on a spinning Spartan shield

Like the Spartans of old, their armament consists of a spear, shield, and shortsword. However, the spears utilized by these Spartans are capable of firing rockets, and their shields can rotate similar to the action of a sawblade. Given the physically imposing stature of the Spartans, they're capable of fighting hand-to-hand with The Beast's robot army as well.

Notable Spartans