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Spartok is the king of the Spartans.


When Spartok was born, his people were fighting a fierce war against an army of Minotaur Robots, sent by The Beast to try and conquer their homeland. The war had gone on for four generations; when Spartok was old enough, he joined the ranks of his Spartan brothers in standing against the robotic threat. Eventually, he became king - the fifth king to fight The Beast - and sired a son of his own, fighting the Minotaur Robots all the while. Although he and his people continued to hold off the army, Spartok began to fear for the future; with The Beast constantly repairing and rebuilding its forces, it was only a matter of time before the Spartans were finally overwhelmed.

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One day, Brotok returned from battle with a stranger who had saved his life in the latest encounter with the Minotaur Robots. Initially, Spartok refused to allow any more assistance and the samurai leaves at his command. However, immediately seeing Jack's courage and bravery to fight the droids, he welcomes the samurai to join the Spartans. He explained his people's history to the mysterious samurai, who offered a way to end the war for good: by using a hidden path in the mountains, they could attack The Beast's main base directly. Emboldened by the promise of victory, Spartok ordered his son to lead their army against the next assault while he and a group of elite warriors accompanied the samurai on an attack of their own.

Using the hidden path, Spartok and his allies were able to infiltrate The Beast's factory, fighting through hordes of freshly-built Minotaur Robots. While his army held off the drones, the king accompanied the samurai, Jack, to the heart of the facility. The Beast itself soon attacked, but the heroic duo fended it off with creative tactics; Spartok used Jack's katana to damage the robotic monstrosity's limbs while Jack used two shields to deflect its counterattacks. Eventually, Spartok destroyed The Beast by throwing Jack's sword through its head, but the samurai himself was seemingly lost after shielding the king from the resulting explosion.

Many years later, an elderly Spartok was on his deathbed, his son and his family by his side. He recounted the end of the war against The Beast, noting that both his fellow soldiers and the samurai would be remembered forever - however, he also revealed his belief that Jack had survived his apparent sacrifice, noting that a man like him would not die so easily.

True to Spartok's suspicions, Jack had survived the explosion of The Beast and the subsequent destruction of its factory. He, in turn, would remember the Spartan King as one of the many people he had helped, giving him the strength to overcome Aku's corruption when a piece of the demon infected his body.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.


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