Spring is a woman who appears in Episode XLIX: The Four Seasons of Death. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Spring convinced Jack to rest with her and take a break from his quest. He obliged, and laid his head on her lap, completely relaxed, but he was plagued by visions of Aku that kept him alert. Later, when he finally tried to leave, he was forced back down and he realized that he had been tricked. But as he goes to attack her, the greenery rushes up around him and the illusion is dispelled, returning him back to the barren field of thorns. She watches as he leaves, and smiled enigmatically.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected her existence, if affected at all.


Spring is an enigmatic individual. Her true motives are unknown, although they are seemingly malevolent. Whilst enchanting Jack, she appears soothing, calm, and attentive to him, but when he attempts to leave, she suddenly turned fierce and insisted that Jack must stay by forcibly entangling him in vines. Curiously, when Jack successfully escaped from her domain, instead of becoming furious and dissatisfied, she smiled mysteriously and somewhat knowingly, if not also approvingly.

What and who she is are not made clear, or whom she serves, but she acts much like the faeries of European folklore: luring people into enchantments and beguiling them to stay forever.

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