Tan Zang is the son of one of Jack's teachers, Master Chu. He eventually grew to become the Grand Master of his own order by the time he met Samurai Jack in the future. He appeared in "Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son."

Character outline

Tan Zang is portrayed as extremely wise (by his own admission), kind and calm as well as quite humble as shown by when he assumed that Jack had maintained his youth and power due to the latter's own inner power.


When Jack met Sung in the future, the latter revealed that it was not the first time they met and that they were both pupils of the same master in the past, during the final days of Jack's training. He then continued to inform the bewildered samurai that, after Jack had been unable to destroy Aku, the demon proceeded to destroy Tan Zang's temple. However, Tan Zang revealed that in the aftermath of the temple's destruction he and the other survivors began to rebuild the order where the former eventually gained the rank of Grandmaster. At hearing Jack's plea, the Grand Master revealed the location of a gateway to the past, and as they both said their goodbyes the ancient monk referred to Jack as young samurai, this was in reference to his earlier statement that Jack had managed to maintain his youth due to his great power before being revealed the truth behind the matter.

With the destruction of the past Aku, it is unknown how this will affect him in the distant future and his disciples' existence, and also the underground temple that the monks have built after the original was destroyed by Aku, not to mention everything they have attained as well.

Young Tam

Young Tam

Powers and Abilities

In the years after the temple was rebuilt, Tan Zang eventually gained the title of Grand Master, and as he grew so too did his Chi, allowing him access to abilities far beyond any human and passing that knowledge on to his students. Through his training and spiritual meditation, Tan Zang gained enlightenment and fused with nature to become one with the natural world. His chi is so potent that it literally causes inanimate objects to float in his vicinity.

Slowed aging process: Due to becoming in-tune with nature itself, Tan Zang is able to live for thousands of years.

Enhanced perception: Due to becoming part of nature itself, the Grandmaster has reached the pinnacle of awareness and wisdom.

Barrier erection: In-order to prevent Aku from discovering the temple, Tan Zang created magical barriers that are capable of hiding it from Aku's vision, thus making it the safest place on the planet. Comically, the effect of this barrier is shown as Aku's mystic viewing screen showing static, and him hitting it repeatedly like a television.

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