Dome of Doom! Once more have you summoned me to answer your call. I have risen from the depths of the abyss to conquer the ring, and to put an end to this lonely amateur.

—The Aqualizer making his entrance

The Aqualizer

Aqualizer in his cyborg suit

Worm Aqualizer

Aqualizers real appearence

The Aqualizer is one of the Dome of Doom Champions. He is an aquatic cyborg with lethal weapons. Under his helmet, it is revealed that he has a sea worm for a head. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr (while in his helmet) and Jeff Bennett (without helmet).


The Aqualizer was from the seventh ocean of Amalgamous, a hostile planet. He was summoned by the Dome of Doom Ringmaster as the second champion to take on Samurai Jack after the defeat of Gordo the Gruesome. After a hard battle, Jack is able to cripple the Aqualizer by turning his weapons against him, but after tearing his helmet in halves with his own buzzsaw, he realizes that his opponent is a living creature and shows mercy to him, to the distaste of the Dome audience.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence in the future.

Powers and abilities

  • Gigantic: The Aqualizer is many times bigger than Samurai Jack,
  • Spear Master: The Aqualizer skillfully wields a massive spear with a jagged blade on one end and a trident on the other. Thanks to his size, he is able to attack very quickly with it.
  • Claw Shot: The Aqualizer is able to morph his hands into metal claws and shoot them as speedy bladed projectiles.
  • Energy Cannon: The Aqualizer can deploy a weapon from his left hand which shoots beams of sparking plasma.
  • Buzzsaw: The Aqualizer has a buzzsaw weapon attached to his left hand which is powerful enough to rip through his own armor.


Do not fear. I have traveled the seven seas and conquered far greater foes than this mere contender!

—Aqualizer, after having his spear slashed in half


—Aqualizer, at the mercy of Samurai Jack


  • The Aqualizer is introduced in a cube full of water, but is able to survive outside of the water as well, suggesting that he is amphibious (at least when inside his cyborg armor).
  • The Aqualizer mentions the "seven seas", despite hailing from a different planet. According to the Announcer, Amalgamous has at least seven oceans, which may be the explanation for this.
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