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"The Beast" (as named by the Spartans) was the producer of the Minotaur Robots. It was described as "going mad" by the Spartan King, causing it to produce endless armies of machines to overrun the surrounding lands; only the Spartans were able to hold back its forces. The battle between men and machine soon grounded to a stalemate; the Beast's forces were unable to overcome the Spartans, but its endless production capacity allowed it to continue pressuring its foes and prevent them from attacking its main factory.

The stalemate was broken when Jack arrived at the battlefield and offered his assistance to the Spartans' war. Using a treacherous side route, the Samurai and a group of elite Spartans led by the king himself were able to infiltrate the Beast's factory, forcing the mechanical monster to reveal itself when Jack and the king entered its lair. Despite its ferocious attack, the Beast proved to be no match for its enemies' teamwork, ultimately meeting its end when the Spartan King threw Jack's sword through its forehead. Its subsequent explosion destroyed the factory and shut down its drones, bringing peace to the land.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected its existence.

Appearance and Abilities

The Beast was a large and monstrous robot vaguely resembling a spider. Its main body was a black orb with dull red markings, large red eyes, and a mouth filled with pointed black teeth; both its eyes and its mouth emitted a bright red glow. Eight large metal tentacles were attached to the top of the orb, each ending in a jagged mouth surrounded by sharp black claws. The inside of its body appeared to be filled with blue and white circuitry, as seen when Jack's sword cut through its armor.

The Beast mainly attacked with its massive tentacles, but it could also bite at its enemies or crush them under its substantial weight. It was surprisingly stealthy, with Jack and the Spartan King only registering its presence moments before it attacked, as well as having enough speed and agility to leap around the room. Although its size made it a fairly easy target, its armor was durable enough to break the Spartan King's sword after a few blows; however, it wasn't strong enough to resist the blows from Jack's katana. In turn, its tentacles were unable to penetrate the shields used by the Spartans, which proved vital to Jack and Spartok's victory; the former used two shields to block the Beast's attacks as the latter assaulted it with the Samurai's katana.



  • Despite its evil appearance and colors, it is unclear if the Beast was created or corrupted by Aku.
  • According to Bryan Andrews in the commentary for the Jack and the Spartans episode, the Beast was designed after the Greek figure of Medusa, namely in its legs which would evoke the Gorgon's signature snake-like hair.