The Fairy is a small, magical being with the ability to grant one wish in her lifetime.


She first appeared in Episode XV: Jack Tales, where she was kidnapped by a gargoyle who would use her to grant his wish. Meanwhile, Jack is shown climbing the tower in order to use the fairy's wish to return to the past. Jack finds the fairy imprisoned in a magic orb, and she promises him the wish if he can free her. In his attempt to release her, his hand becomes stuck inside the orb, and the fairy informs him that the now sleeping gargoyle holds the key to the orb. Jack attempts to stealthily acquire the key from the gargoyle, and narrowly succeeds. However, Jack awakens the gargoyle while attempting to use the key to unlock the orb. The gargoyle assaults Jack and though Jack defeats the gargoyle, before he is destroyed, he looks at Jack's trapped hand and releases a final laugh. The fairy informs Jack that the magic orb also required certain magic words, which were only known to the now-destroyed gargoyle, to be unlocked. The episode ends with Jack using his only wish to free himself and the fairy from the orb.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected her existence.


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