Jack and the Gangsters

The Gangsters are a group of mobsters who have loose ties to Aku. They first appear in Episode XII: Jack and the Gangsters.

After Aku's destruction in the past, it is unknown how it affected their existence in the future. However, it is likely that the Jewel of Neptune is no longer in their possession and their memories of it, Aku, and Jack have all been erased.


The Gangsters all wear identical black striped suits and similar hats, but with different color accents. Their leader, Don, is bald, has thick lips, and wears a fur coat as well. Stitches looks clean cut with droopy eyes he is taller than most of the Gangsters (second only to Mr. Pibbles). Mr. Shine has curly blond hair and beady eyes and is usually found smiling. Mr. Pibbles is the tallest and quite lanky in comparison to the others, despite still being very short compared to Jack. He has a long head and rather big nose, he is also known for not holding a straight face. Knuckles is the shortest of the group but has the largest head, he is usually seen chewing on a tooth pick. They are all quite short and barley reach Jack's knees.

Character outline

Though the term "evil" might be a tad much, the Gangsters are far from good. They hold some power in the city and funnel money to casinos, horse races and banks, and they're also known to exploit citizens for "protection money". An example of their dastardly deeds was when they gave Samurai Jack a test. The test was to blow up the residence of an old man and his many small furry animals for not paying said protection money. Instead, Jack warns him and helps the old man and his pets escape while the house was blown up. He lied to the gangsters and told them he did the deed. Also, at the end of the episode, they tell Jack that they're "going straight" and offer to return the Jewel of Neptune; in truth, they bring it back only to use it to sell purified water at extreme prices. They are known by Aku, but are not seen in a good light by him. After they meet with him, Aku states: "Who dares to summon -oh... it is you..." while he rolls his eyes. He then says: "Do you forget you are forbidden to come here?" This suggest the Gangsters have somehow angered (or at least annoyed) Aku, but not enough to be destroyed. Despite their greediness and amorality, the gangsters have strong loyalty and care for each other, as evident by their well intended, but misguided attempt to "save" Jack from Aku, wrongly believing that he would die at the latter's hands, despite it being obvious that Jack is more than capable of defeating Aku then and there.

Gallery of the Gangsters


  • Most of their real names are unknown, all listed names are "Gang Names" only Mr. Pibbles first name is known (Joe), and The Boss's name is not stated in the show until the end, during the fight Mr. Pibbles asks: "Why's Jackie fighting the big boss, Boss?"
  • The Gangsters are a homage to the Anthill Mob from Wacky Races, and its spinoff The Perils of Penelope Pitstop.
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