The Gargoyle was a greedy and malicious gargoyle who lived alone in a tall, foreboding keep. He is only seen in Episode XV: Jack Tales, where he captures a fairy to fulfill his own wicked bidding.


The Gargoyle first appears taunting the fairy, saying that he intends to use his wish after he wakes up. He falls asleep across from the fairy, who is trapped in a magical bubble to which he holds the key. Jack comes and mistakenly sticks his hand in the bubble without realizing that he will need to use both the key and the Gargoyle's magic words to free them. Before the fairy can explain, Jack slays the gargoyle by using his free hand to fight the gargoyle, turning him into a pile of rubble. As he realizes his fate, the gargoyle laughs, knowing that both Jack and the fairy are trapped unless Jack uses the fairy's wish to free them.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

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