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The Gentleman is an American bounty hunter who appears in "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters".

Character outline

The Gentleman, known only by his nickname, is stated by a local barber to be a "nice fellow, but deadly". He is a bounty hunter who purportedly murdered many people in the past, and who eventually takes the challenge of killing Jack. Despite his violent career, he is in fact a very calm and eloquent individual who speaks with verbosity (that is, he uses long and complex words and phrases in his everyday speech with a voice tone resembling that of Huckleberry Hound), which is shown to confuse those around him of less intelligence, such as Boris. He is also a deeply loyal man of his word, and maintains a clear respect for his fellow bounty hunters.

His weapons of choice are simple: a pair of knives and his own cloak. He catches his "prey" by challenging them to a fair and gentlemanly duel - hence his name - which he usually wins within seconds. In the unlikely event that he is matched in skill, his tactic is to throw his cloak towards his opponent, confusing them and blocking their view of the Gentleman, before throwing his knives through the cloak to deliver a quick finishing blow to the target.

He was defeated by Jack in Princess Mira's bounty hunter ambush. According to Genndy Tartakovsky, Jack fought humans in the original series, but never killed them, meaning The Gentleman was likely unconscious as of the end of the episode.[1]

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

Skills and abilities

  • Master Knife Thrower: The Gentleman uses a pair of knives to quickly kill his target by throwing the blades at the opponent's chest. He's extremely accurate, being able to hit a small leaf while it was blowing in the wind. His knives are very sharp, and he himself states that they "fly faster than any bullet, I assure you."
  • Tracker: As most bounty hunters who are after Jack, the Gentleman is also an excellent tracker, managing to find the location in the woods where Jack would be passing through and wait for him there.
  • Wit & Charm: The Gentlemen stays true to his title, using his distinguished mannerisms to negotiate any situation with any character.


  • in Episode XCVII, a character named Gentle-Jim is shown to be Aku's #4 favorite assassin. It is unknown if this is The Gentlemen's real name or a different character.
  • He is the only male bounty hunter from Episode XLIV not voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • It's possible that The Gentleman is inspired/based on the character Doc Holliday from the movie Tombstone since the Gentleman's style and tone resembles those of Holliday's.