The Guardian is a powerful being who guards a time portal. He appears in Episode XXXII: Jack and the Travelling Creatures. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Character Outline

The Guardian is a tall, bald, muscular man with blue skin and red circular glasses. He is incredibly confident in his own strength and skill and loves the thrill of combat.

The Guardian's appearance is significant mainly because the episode he takes part in makes it known that Jack's eventual return to the past is inevitable some time in the beyond the end of the series.


The Guardian appears after Samurai Jack manages to find a time portal thanks to the help of many mythical creatures. The Guardian challenges him to a fight and if he could win, Jack could go home. Despite using every skill and strategy at his disposal, Jack was beaten, and the Guardian would have killed him had not the portal, which now revealed itself to be a sentient being, orders him to spare Jack, foretelling that Jack would be the one to defeat him and use the passage, but many years will pass before he would be able to do so.

Abilities and Skills

In his own words, the Guardian has been guarding the time portal for "countless eons", and has denied (defeated) everyone who came as only one person has been prophesied to defeat him and gain access to the time portal. After such a long time he has gained a vast amount of fighting experience and skills as shown below:

Super Strength: The Guardian's muscular build gives him incredible fighting strength as he was easily able to pummel Jack without too much effort.

Super Speed: Despite his large mass, the Guardian could move with great agility, dodging attacks and easily keeping up with the nimble Jack.

Endurance: The Guardian has immense endurance. He withstood missile fire and fierce attacks from Jack with only his clothing getting destroyed and getting annoyed.

Weapons Specialist: The Guardian used an incredible variety of weapon against Jack from his own sword to guns, and even rocket launchers.


  • Many fans think that the Guardian is the secondary antagonist in Samurai Jack and might appear in the movie.
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