We will never forget you till the day we die!

—Olivia, Episode XCVII

The Ravers are a group of teenagers who dance to the beat of music.


DJ Stylbator showed up in the hometown of a girl named Olivia and started organizing raves to promote Aku's greatness, with him as the DJ. He eventually started playing music to brainwash the ravers to commit crimes in Aku's name every night.

Episode XXVIII: Jack and the Rave

After learning about what Stylbator was doing to the children for Aku, Jack promised Olivia's father to free his daughter and the rest of the ravers from Aku's control. When Stylbator discovers Jack has infiltrated his rave party, he orders the Ravers to attack Jack. Jack eventually makes his way toward Stylbator and the two fight one another with Jack emerging victorious and destroying Stylbator's brainwashing equipment. The Ravers, free from Stylbator's control, return home to their families.

Episode XCVII

Fifty years later, a new generation of Ravers gather together to dance and praise Jack as their savior. Olivia is shown to be the new DJ when Ashi happens by their village. When Ashi asks about Jack, they pay homage to him with the Ravers dancing like Jack did when he infiltrated the rave fifty years ago.

Episode CI

The Ravers witness Aku's announcement that he has captured Jack and proclaiming there was no more hope. In response, they are some of the first of Jack's allies seen assaulting Aku's tower riding giant birds and blasting Aku with blasters. They are last seen being overwhelmed by Aku's corrupted forces.

After the past Aku's destruction, it is likely that they never became a rave in the first place and their memory of Jack was erased, since there was none of Aku's techno music to corrupt them, thus making Jack freeing them from his grasp. Apart from that, it's unknown how it affected their existence in the future.


  • The lyrics of Olivia's song, "We will never forget you till the day we die!" can be considered prophetic, since there was no Aku to corrupt them in the future, Jack saving them from his evil techno music never occurred. So, their memory of Jack and existence was presumably erased, given the alteration of the future Jack made by destroying Aku in the past.

Notable Ravers

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