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The Scotsman's wife is, predictably, the wife of the Scotsman. Although she has been mentioned in other episodes, her first appearance was in Episode XVII: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2. She was voiced by Ruth Williamson. Like her husband, her true name is never revealed. Her current fate is unknown as of the fifty year time gap, though she conceived many daughters with her husband during the interim.


Before her appearance, the Scotsman uses many romantic metaphors to describe his wife, calling her the most beautiful woman on Earth, dainty, and possessing a voice which makes angels weep. This description was quite contrary to the truth, as she was actually taller and more muscular than her husband. She also had deep red hair, harsh green eyes, a boil on the side of her cheek, and a discolored tooth.


The wife's personality is an extreme version of her husband's. She was louder and much more crude and was also exceedingly demanding. She also had a fierce temper, which made even her husband shudder at the thought of angering her. She deeply hated being called "fat" or people making indirect references to her size, such as when Jack insinuates that she is too big to fit through the main gate of the Castle of Boon. Doing so would enrage her to the point that she would go into a frenzy and destroy whoever insulted her and everything that stood in her way.

Despite her abrasive side and short-temper, she loves her husband, chastising him for his sweet talk but later revealing that she enjoys it immensely, and curtsies to Jack when formally introduced.


The Scotsman's wife first appeared when Jack was helping her husband free her from a clan of mechanical demons who were planning to eat her. When they found her, she barraged them with an long string of colorful insults because they were late while her husband just stood there lovestruck. While they were trying to fight off the demons, the Scotsman's wife got angry at the head demon for calling her "fat," and took out the entire demon clan after Jack and her husband nearly gave up hope of victory due to being tremendously outnumbered. After their defeat, Jack was impressed by her strength and praised her, much to her delight. However, Jack accidentally made a crack at her size, which immediately caused the Scotsman to warn him to run while attempting to quell his wife's rage. She was last seen chasing Jack out of the demons' castle, destroying it in the process.

The Scotsman's Wife was mentioned in Episode XLVI: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2 when the Scotsman was berating The Sirens that hypnotized Jack. He said his wife had the sweetest singing voice of all, unlike the Sirens' hypnotic chorus, to which he said "at least banshees can carry a tune".

Season 5 (2017)

Over the next 50 years, the Scotsman and his wife conceived several dozen daughters, raising and training them as an army of warriors to fight Aku. (Episode XCVI)

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected her existence.

Powers and Abilities

The wife tearing off a robot's arm with her teeth

  • Superhuman Strength: The Scotsman's wife was an incredibly powerful fighter because of her size. Her strength was so great that she could punch through metal like it was paper and when enraged rip it apart with her teeth. She easily defeated the leader of the robots with two punches. She could also punch the ground hard enough to create a powerful shockwave. The Scotsman's Wife was even strong enough to destroyed the entire Castle of Boon as seen in Episode XVII.
  • Superhuman Endurance and Stamina: The Scotsman's wife displayed endurance that outclassed both her husband and Jack, such as when she had destroyed her captors single-handedly when both The Scotsman and Jack had given up due to sheer exhaustion, however this was in part due to the leader of her kidnappers, the Master of the Hunt, referring to her as the fat female, thus causing her to enter a violent rage that made her more powerful. She didn't show any sign of exhaustion from that fight and was able to chase Jack for possible long period of time afterward.


  • "Don't you muffin me, you ripe end of a baboon! You disappear without a word for two years, only to show up because I've been kidnapped, leaving me in this rotten sty for a month til you get the gall enough to come save me! Wait til the last minute! What have you been doing the whole time, you pimple-faced, dingled dilly worm? Some husband you are. Oh, big warrior. I think no. I'll tell you where you've been: busy tossing namby-pamby rocks with your good-for-nothing dullards, too busy to save the love of your..."
  • "Now I've seen everything. Is this who you've been wasting your time with? Some wiry maypole wearing an ugly dress and tasteless slippers? I swear on Cú Chulainn's mighty chest hairs I've got wooden spoons brighter than you! And to think I married the only Scot in Scotland who'd bring some candlestick in a slip to his wife's rescue instead of a whole clan of bumbling brutes. No, I get just two bumbling brutes. Well, one bumbling brute and some kind of fashion-inept sheepherder."
  • "The Druid? Who listens to a man wearing an elk skull on his head?"
  • "Oh, way to go, boys. I suppose walking us right into the whole blithering army was part of the plan?"
  • "You call that fighting? I've seen cranky sheep more vicious."
  • "Oh, I'm sure that hurt them. Why not give them all a cup of tea and a biscuit to choke on?"
  • "You two couldn't fight your way out of a garden party of old ladies."
  • "I've baked haggis more lethal than you!"
  • "Fat? Fat?! I'm not fat! I'm stout!"
  • "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAAAAAA! (battle cry)"
  • "You're sweet-talkin' me?"
  • "Don't ever stop, luv! Don't ever stop! Oh, you're a sweet man, comin' all this way to rescue me."