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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
*Since Aku was destroyed in the past, it is likely that The Scotsman's death was reversed and he led a different life with his family and clan under an Aku-free future, if Aku's destruction didn't affect their existence of course.
*Since Aku was destroyed in the past, it is likely that The Scotsman's death was reversed and he led a different life with his family and clan under an Aku-free future, if Aku's destruction didn't affect their existence of course.
*The Scotsman's height often varies between scenes. Sometimes he is depicted as towering over Jack, while other times he is only a head taller than him.

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What do you think of that, Mr. Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Scooner, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Soy-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tattie?

—The Scotsman to Jack, Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 1

The Scotsman was an ally of Samurai Jack, who was first introduced in Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 1. He is voiced by John DiMaggio. He is something of a deuteragonist in the first four seasons, having the most appearances of a recurring character (along with The Emperor and The Empress), and a supporting character in Season 5


The Scotsman appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a man from a region very closely resembling Scotland. The Scotsman, like Jack, is never explicitly named in any of his appearances. He is a large man with red hair that borders on being orange, a barrel chest, and disproportionately small legs, one of which was replaced with a submachine gun. Throughout the series, he appears the most often out of all the minor characters to aid Jack in some way or another.

After 50 years, he upgrades his gun leg into a Gatling gun left leg. He also changes his white shirt to a gray shirt, reflecting his aged appearance from his younger years, as well as wearing a plaid eyepatch over his right eye. He is currently using a wheelchair now in the future due to his advanced age. He then returns to his original appearance after his demise in his spirit form.


The Scotsman's home

The Scotsman has a personality almost in stark opposite to that of Jack: he is loud, explosive in temperament, always willing to jump into a fight, and enjoys bragging about his fighting prowess. This is not to say that he is a completely different man from Jack. The two warriors have very different ideals, as evidenced by the straightforward fighting tactics of the Scotsman. He also differs from Jack in that he appreciates a different style of life than the Samurai: where Jack enjoys the quiet, serene aspects of life, the Scotsman loves that which spells itself out, and nothing so "namby-pamby" as what Jack likes. Ironically, he is actually considered the "mellow" member of his clan (which he claims is the reason why he constantly travels; to get away from his rowdy clansmen). Nevertheless, he can also recognize situations that require stealth and finesse and can plan accordingly such as when rescuing his wife, he immediately suggests either splitting up (while also highlighting the disadvantages of that idea) or disguising themselves as Celtic Demons to allow easier passage.

Despite their differences, the two are trusting friends and share a mutual respect. When one is in trouble, the other will come to help without hesitation. Likewise the differences in their respective fighting styles actually compliment each other when they fight together rendering the pair almost unbeatable in battle. On one occasion when Jack lost his memory and his sword, the Scotsman dragged him along essentially to the ends of the Earth looking for how to set his memory straight and find his sword.

However, the Scotsman's can be said to have odd tastes (presumably considered normal in his clan), at least when it comes to his wife. Whenever he talks about her, he refers to her as though she were the most beautiful woman ever to be, and describes everything about her with a romantic metaphor. When she is finally shown to be significantly less than what she was described as being, the Scotsman is shown to be as smitten with her as a schoolboy. Even when she is yelling about his inadequacies in his face he merely looks at her with doe eyed affection, much to Jack's confusion.

After 50 years, his personality hasn't changed, though he appears more reckless than usual, since he attacks Aku's palace without Jack's assistance. He also has a sense of old-school decency, shown when he scolds Flora and the rest of his daughters for wearing revealing outfits and also he shows care for his family while remarking Flora and her daughters might catch a cold because of the outfits and allows them to escape and stall for them when he sees inminent disaster, despite allowing them to fight on the battlefield as equals. After all this time, he still believes in Jack and stands up for him bravely against Aku.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

Season 5


The Scotsman fathered a massive family with his wife. At the time of his death he had at least 28 daughters; Flora , Maeve , Isla , Bradana , Murdina , Alana , Oban , Ardbey , Fiona , Assie , Bonnie , Lorna , Mawina , Shona , Nora , Piesil , Shanath , Euspeth , Edme , Freya , Gilbartha , Gesha , Grizela , Innes, Dawntha , Cora , Davina , and Kina.

Animated Series

The Scotsman was first shown crossing a narrow bridge, where coincidentally Jack was also traveling across. When the two met however, neither wanted to step aside to let the other pass. Despite Jack's attempts to peacefully negotiate, the brash and hostile Scotsman misinterpreted Jack's words and retaliated with his own (rather nonsensical) insults. This led to a fierce battle that lasted for more than a day where neither had the upper hand. As the two stood exhausted they found that they had been discovered by bounty hunters when one of them fired a pair of cuff-links that tied the two together. After unsuccessfully attempting to defeat their opponents by each going the other way, Jack slashed the bridge underfoot and sent him and The Scotsman plummeting into the river at the bottom of the ravine.

After finding their way to an abandoned village, the Scotsman and Jack were once again set upon by the bounty hunters and in the ensuing battle managed to free themselves by miraculously allowing a giant bullet fired from one of the bounty hunter's cannons to break their chains. Putting their differences aside, the two warriors decimated the bounty hunters, forging an unlikely friendship. (Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 1)

At some point, the Scotsman tracked Jack down at a remote tavern and, after defeating some more bounty hunters, asked Jack for help: a clan of Celtic demons had kidnapped the Scotsman's wife, and the Scotsman was forbidden by ancient tradition to be aided by his clan members. The only loophole allowed for the Scotsman to seek aid from a stranger, and, in his words, Jack is "the strangest man [he knew]". Jack was more than willing to aid his friend, but first he had to gain the approval of the Scotsman's clan. The two friends journeyed to the Highlands, where Jack was introduced to the Scotsman's clan, including the clan's Druid. After passing a test of strength (through unconventional means), Jack and the Scotsman were allowed to go rescue his wife.

After sneaking into the castle of Boon, where the Celtic Demons resided, the two located the Scotsman's wife, who turned out to be even more abrasive than her husband. As they tried to sneak her out, the group were cornered by the demon horde. Though the two warriors fought valiantly, they were vastly outnumbered. However, when the head Celtic Demon referred to the Scotsman's wife, this send her into a frenzied rage, destroying the entire horde with her bare hands while Jack and the Scotsman looked on in awe. As the three began to leave, however, the Scotsman's wife was sent into another rage when Jack accidentally made a comment about her size, forcing him to flee as she furiously pursued him, with the Scotsman calling after her not to squash the samurai. (Episode XVII: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2)

The Scotsman was on a ship bound for an unknown destination, when he came across Jack on the boat. However, Jack did not recognize his old friend, claiming to be someone named "Brent Worthington". Furthermore, Jack's sword was nowhere on his person. Baffled and enraged at what had happened to his friend, the Scotsman set out to retrace Jack's steps, with a less-than-willing "Brent" in tow. After following Jack's steps to Heck's Bucket Seaport, the Scotsman, after much searching, learned that Jack had commissioned a ship to "The Great Unknown", and proceeded to do the same. (Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 1)

As the ship reached an island shrouded in mist, strange melodic sounds emanated from the island. These sounds entranced the crew and Jack, but the Scotsman was strangely unaffected. The source of the sound was revealed to be a trio of Sirens, whose music could not affect the Scotsman because, in his mind, their singing was terrible compared to that of his wife. The Sirens revealed that they had erased Jack's memory with their enchanted music, and kept his sword and gi as a trophy. Furious, the Scotsman attacked the Sirens, who commanded their slaves to attack him. Realizing that their music was what enslaved the men, the Scotsman proceeded to blare loud noise from his bagpipes to drown them out, allowing Jack to regain his memory and destroy the Sirens. As the two friends reconnected, they realized that every ship has left them behind. They found a rowboat, but quickly got into an argument over who would row. After several tests of strength and skill, all of which Jack won, the Scotsman finally yielded after Jack defeated him in thumb-wrestling, giving Jack the "honor" of rowing them back to civilization. (Episode XLVI: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2)

50 Years Later

The Scotsman 50 years older

Half a century later, he is seen to have (unlike Jack) aged significantly and changed in appearance. He has sporting gray hair with two smaller braids for his mustache and a plaid eyepatch. As for his arsenal, he retains his own magic sword, and is shown with an upgraded leg in the form of a minigun. He was revealed to have dozens of daughters during the 50 years period. They joined their father to battle Aku. During this time, he has become a shadow of his former self due his advanced age, confinement to a wheelchair and requiring Flora to assist him in battle, indicating that he cannot fight like he used to anymore.

The Scotsman was killed by Aku when the former assaulted him with a barrage of insults. Fortunately, he returned as a ghost in his prime age. He then told his daughters that they regroup, plan to fight for another day, amass a larger army and most importantly, find Jack and then battle Aku once more. (Episode XCVI)

He comes to aid Jack against Aku with his daughters as well as the rest of Jack's allies. Once reuniting with Jack (to which he completely forgets that he can't hug him due to his ghost form), he explains the reason for his form and introduces his Daughters, after which he offers Jack the opportunity to marry one (to which he is temporarily offended when Jack refuses, only to be confused when he sees Ashi as Jack's lover). After Jack destroyed Aku in the past, it is unknown how this will affect his existence.

Video Games

The Shadow of Aku

He is seen towards the end of the game as mini boss.

Jack is trapped in an arena with The Scotsman and happily greets him. However, The Scotsman denies their friendship (this being very out of character) and proceeds to insult Jack, telling him that they're being forced to fight. Jack refuses, but only engages in battle after more insults. After defeating The Scotsman, he finally joins Jack and destroys the door trapping them, however, he is not seen for the rest of the game until the ending, in which he saves Jack from falling to his demise with a hovercraft. The two fly away from Aku's lair, with Jack trading his gratitude with an insult from The Scotsman, ending the game.

Skills and Abilities

Jack meets the Scotsman's clan

Where Jack limits himself almost exclusively to hand-to-hand combat and his own swordsmanship when not improvising or displaying his expertise in a wide range of traditional weaponry, the Scotsman relies mostly on his sword, inscribed with runes that imbue it with powers similar to those of Jack's sword.

Apart from this, the Scotsman uses a fighting style relying on brute strength techniques rather than the finesse that Jack displays. Despite this, he is perfectly capable of wielding his sword dexterously in a manner befitting its massive size. As well, the machine gun that replaced one of his legs is another favorite weapon of the Scotsman; he demonstrates a great deal of expertise with it and can aim extremely well with it despite the awkwardness of wielding it. The Scotsman has also been known to use small, but extremely powerful explosives, particularly when combating bounty hunters.

Though not a weapon, he also frequently carries a set of bagpipes. Despite being the admitted "mellow" one of his clan, he also appears to be one of, if not the most, powerful member,given how easily he can sway and silence them, most noticeably when defending Jack from their mockery (even causing the two rowdiest ones to sweat in nervousness). Aside from that, he appears to be the only being who is immune to the sirens' song, as only unpleasant sounds such as his wife's nagging are music to his ears and he is fast for someone of his size. Overall, the Scotsman is one of the most powerful humans seen, such that even Aku seems to regard him as a legitimate threat, due to the Scotsman being the second most wanted man in the world behind Jack.

  • Master Swordsman: The Scotsman is a highly talented swordsman. In his first appearance, he proved to be able to fight Jack to a stalemate, and even appeared to be marginally less exhausted after the battle than Jack was. He is also just as proficient as Jack at dicing up hordes of lesser opponents.
  • Superhuman Endurance: The Scotsman is capable of defeating hundreds of opponents before tiring, as well as being capable of roaming tirelessly for days while carrying a sleeping Jack when the latter had lost his memory. Additionally, after his first battle with Jack, he was apparently slightly less tired than Jack, as he managed to remain on his feet while Jack was seen exhaustedly slumped over the side of a bridge (though the Scotsman was still too tired to lift his sword).
  • Superhuman Strength: The Scotsman possesses physical strength far beyond what a normal human could ever hope to achieve. He has been shown to be capable of easily lifting and throwing a tank. He is also capable of running while carrying multi-ton loads and hitting robots with his head and hands so hard as to make them explode.
  • Peg-leg machine gun: The Scotsman's left leg has been replaced by a machine gun. He often uses this weapon when facing multiple opponents, and appears to be an excellent marksman. Additionally, the weapon seems to never run out of bullets (or, at least, he has never been shown reloading it). After 50 years, he replaces it with a Mini gun in his old age.
    • After The Scotsman is revived as a spirit, his left leg manifests as the original machine gun, although he was not seen using it in any capacity, leaving its usability uncertain.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Scotsman appears to be extremely durable, as he has been shown enduring circumstances that would maim or kill an ordinary man without injury, such as simply laughing off the bites of robotic alligators.
  • High-powered Explosives: The Scotsman carries a number of extremely high-yield bombs in a pouch on the front of his belt, which he tends to use in situations where he doesn't feel his opponents are worthy of his sword. These explosives, despite typically being about the size of a hand grenade, possess enough explosive power to level buildings and, in one instance, destroy an entire cruise ship.

Spirit form

  • RighteousnessThe Scotsman can use the power of Righteousness in spirit form to harm Aku through the use of his bagpipes similar to Jack's Katana.
  • Passageway GenerationThe Scotsman can generate a magical passageway, which he uses to lead his daughters in their attack on Aku's lair.
  • Energy Shield GenerationThe Scotsman can create an energy shield strong enough to resist Aku's spike attack.


Animated Series

  • "(Meeting Jack for the first time) By the look on your face I can tell you like the pipes, wee laddie."
  • "(After Jack destroys his bagpipes) You've done it now. (tosses the down pipes and prepares to fight Jack) I'll turn your head into a floor shifter."
  • "Friends carry no debt."
  • "Don't squash him, muffin. He's a friend of mine!"
  • "What?! Flora! What in bonnie blazes are ya' wearing?! I take you out for a day of battle, and ye dress like you're going dancing! Cover yourself! You'll catch your death of cold!"
  • "I ain't lost, ya tree ogre. I might be old, but I've lived long enough to see the world rise against your tyranny! Admit it, ya big oaf! You're scared. The samurai is still out there inspiring people by the thousands. After all these years, you're powerless against him. You've been shivering like a wee baby, hiding in your crib, afraid to show yourself 'cause ya know he's out there, and you can't do anything about it! You're just a big baby! Why don't you go cry to your mama?"
  • "I be back, and in me prime no less!"
  • "Oh, my darling heather blossoms! Celtic magic."
  • "We regroup and plan to fight another day. We'll amass a bigger army. We'll find Jack, and finally defeat that big baby!"
  • "Jackie boy!... Great, keep forgettin' about that."
  • (Regarding his death) "Aye, just a wee bit."
  • "Oy, ya gotta meet me bonnie daughters."
  • "What!? You're suddenly too good for me girls!?"
  • "I don't think she's your type, laddie."

Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku

  • "Aye, I wouldn't expect you too, you wee-little dress-wearing dwarf!"
  • "If that's what you call it, you pint-sized wood-shoed ninny! You're just scared to fight a real man with that butterknife, you wee wimpy daisy! I'll plaster this cage with your guts and use what's left on me haggis!"

Fusion Fall

Main article: w:c:fusionfall:The Scotsman


  • Since Aku was destroyed in the past, it is likely that The Scotsman's death was reversed and he led a different life with his family and clan under an Aku-free future, if Aku's destruction didn't affect their existence of course.
  • The Scotsman's height often varies between scenes. Sometimes he is depicted as towering over Jack, while other times he is only a head taller than him.