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Don't you love us? Adore us?

—The Sirens, Episode XLVI: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2

The Three Sirens in their true, conjoined monster form.

The Sirens are three musical antagonists in the cartoon series Samurai Jack. They are voiced by Jennifer Hale, Tara Strong, and Janine LaManna.


The Sirens first appear as three beautiful women with highly exaggerated proportions. They have peach-colored skin, large eyes and lips, and have long eyelashes. They wear revealing, white, toga-like clothing consisting of a short, sleeveless top with the two sirens on the side wearing short skirts and the one in the middle having a longer one. They all seem to be surrounded by a glowing, pinkish aura that can sometimes make it hard to see their more-distinguished features.

The main feature that defines each siren is their hair. The main siren has long, curly, pink hair as well as a mole/beauty mark on her cheeks. The one standing on her right has long, straight, white (possibly blonde) hair and large earrings. The one on her left has long, white hair pulled back into a ponytail, but doesn't have any other distinct features.

When they become distressed, they fuse into a three-headed, serpent-like creature with large, razor-sharp teeth, black and white stripes, glowing, yellow eyes and flaming, blue hair.


The sirens are first heard in the second part of The Scotsman Saves Jack. Jack (suffering from memory loss) spots an eerie fog and the siren's song is heard. It only takes seconds for the crew of the ship they are sailing on, save for the Scotsman (who is immune), to become hypnotized by the song. They dock the boat and begin unloading their treasure to offer as tribute to the sirens. Upon entering the cave in which the sirens reside, the crew deposit their tributes and then sit down on the accumulated pile of treasure and listen to the song.

The Scotsman confronts the sirens, causing them to be confused by his resistance to their song, and asks them about Jack. To this, they explain that he had arrived there earlier and tried to free their slaves, but they sang another song that robbed him of his mind and sent him to wander the earth while keeping his robe and sword as a prize. This enrages the Scotsman, causing him to open fire on them with his machine gun leg. He finally breaks the curse by playing his bagpipes. Unable to bear the sound, the sirens fuse together into their true form, a hideous serpent monster. They begin to constrict the Scotsman, making it difficult for him to continue playing. Jack, having regained his memory, quickly changes into his robe and decapitates all three of the sirens with one slice, killing them and ending their song.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected their existence since Jack never got sent to the future.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Agility: The Sirens are shown to be very agile as they are able to effortlessly climb on walls while simultaneously avoiding machine gun fire from the Scotsman.
  • Musical Hypnosis: The song that the Sirens sing hypnotizes almost everyone who hears it. The only one who has been known to resist is the Scotsman, who genuinely doesn't like the song. Jack may also have resisted when he first heard the song. Evidence of this comes from when the Scotsman asks them about Jack, and they stated that he was "particularly troublesome".
  • Mind Control: It would seem that the siren's are able to sing different songs with different effects. When Jack resisted their first song, they sang another song that robbed him of his mind.
  • Shape-shifting: When the Scotsman began playing the bagpipes, the sirens couldn't stand the sound and transformed into a monster to silence him.


  • The sirens never speak normally. All their dialogue is in melodious songs.
  • The sirens are some of the few non-robot enemies to be killed by Jack and suffered one of the most violent deaths of the first four seasons.