• SageM, why did you undo my edits? I know you told me that it was "unnecessary detailed", but as much accurate as it is, it will be more better to formulate the sections for Samurai Jack's abilities.

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    • The details you added are already clearly mentioned in the powers and abilities in the different sections.

      Your edits just made things a mess and added things that not only weren't necessary, they don't even belong in that section.

      The only thing thats suppsoed to be in the powers and abilities section is the powers and abilities, explaining how Jack trained for them is not necessary, as that belongs under biography.

      Also everything was in alphabetic order already.

      Your edits are not needed or necessary. Everything is properly explained and coherent. Your just making things more difficult for others to understand.

      So please leave the section alone. As there is nothing further that you can add to it without making it impossible for others to understand.

      The staff members were the ones that setup the section, and there explanation is formulation is far better than yours.

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    • Fine then. But what about Aku's daughters? If you seen the episode for Season 5, you can see that they were moving so fast that they appear to be running at superhuman level (if not high levels), like a blur that is overwhelming Jack until he beats them.

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    • Jack is human. He is not a god, supernatural being, demon, or robot.

      His training is only at peak conditioning. it is not immense or godlike.

      Please do not change officially confirmed information.

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    • That's just motion/graphic effects as Jack is trying to escape them.

      It has nothing to do with there actual level of speed.

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    • I understand that now,  but I'm talking about Aku's children who are half demon and half human, they must have supernatural abilities, do they?

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    • Except they don't.

      Ashi may have demonstrated supernatural powers, but its only because Aku corrupted her.

      After Aku was defeated she lost all those powers and was nothing more than a normal human.

      The daughters of aku have no supernatural powers and they never demonstrated anything like them.

      There is a clear difference between believing someone has demonic powers, and them actually showing them off.

      If they don't demonstrate them, than its considered posting false information on the wikia which against the rules.

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    • Alright, thank you for telling me.

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    • If Ashi had never encountered Aku, then she would have remained human instead of being corrupted and transformed against her will.

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    • Wait one more thing. Remember the episode when Samurai Jack was able to survive getting crushed by Sumoto who weighs 700 tons, if he manages to surive it without any protective equipment, how can a peak human like Jack survive it, to be fairly honest that is boderline superhuman. In fact, that should be on his endurance section or creative a section that says something about his survivability.

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    • Except that Jack couldn't escape him without fighting dirty. 

      He was trapped underneath him until he changed his tactics.

      Thats still peak condition.

      If it was superhuman he would have been able to free himself.

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    • Also the impact cause from him landing on jack would have caused displacement, which would in fact allow jack to survive the weight.

      If it was a giant robot or huge metal object that fell on him, that would be a different story.

      But flesh is malleable and elastic, unlike the rigid nature of metal. So Jack surviving isn't really that surprising.

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    • Okay, Jack may need to use his tactian to escape but still if people were in the same situation as Jack was in,they will more likely would instantly die soon as Sumoto land on them. But Jack he is exceptionally durable to even survive under extreme stressful conditions.

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    • You must be right then. Thank you for answering my questions.

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    • A FANDOM user
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