• Hi there. About the X-9/X-49 article... The whole "X-9" thing seems to come from a typo on fan forums (notably a talkback thread on ToonZone) that propagated back in the mid 2000s. All official sources -- press releases, episode credits, Annie Awards listings, Turner's listing for the episode, and the place where you can purchase it on YouTube -- use X-49 or X49.

    This feels a bit like when P2P file-sharing misattributes a song to a well-known artist. It just gets passed around as "common knowledge," despite being based on a mistake.

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    • Weird. I and most people could've sworn the name/title was X-9 rather than X-49.

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    • The same thing happened moreorless with Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon ("Jack and the Farting Dragon") and Episode XXIX: Couple on a Train ("The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful")

      I tried reaching out to another admin (GreatBeast455) to no avail, so I'd like to try my luck with you if you wouldn't mind.

      Thank you.

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    • What do you want exactly?

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    • The aforementioned Turner listings, the YouTube listings for them, related clips from the broadcasting network, etc.

      Fundamentally speaking, this is the exact same problem as Episode L.  Lack of straightforward display of episode titles causes this error, and these episodes are the embodiment of said error (i.e. lapse in judgment).*

      • Episodes such as Episode XL ("Jack vs. The Ninja") and Episode XLVIII ("Jack vs. Aku") technically qualify as well due to the wiki writing "versus" instead of "vs.", but I am willing to let them slide.

      At any rate, Episode XXI is "Jack and the Dragon", and Episode XXIX is "Couple on a Train"

      "Jack and the Farting Dragon" (and the titular "Farting Dragon" [as opposed to just "Dragon"]) and "The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful", as titles, are just as fraudulent in design as "Tale of X9".
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    • Just notice those pages HubStyle mentioned are only halfway fixed. To that end, I'm requesting deletion for the following redirects:

      Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon
      Episode XXIX: Couple on a Train

      I'd like to move the corresponding episode pages to their official names, but the presence of these redirects is conflicting with the move.

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    • Ah, it's been a while since I was on this wiki. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what the "real" names of some episodes are. Is it possible that some episodes have different titles depending on what region they aired in?

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    • It seems unlikely. The official sources (CN Asia, CN Australia, iTunes, Amazon digital downloads, DVDs dated from 2006, etc.) are all pretty consistent. Looks like the names that propagated throughout the fandom have been corrupted at some point, independent of the actual titles; the faulty names can apparently be traced to either ToonZone or an early pirated DVDrip that circulated on BitTorrent. (This kind of thing was extremely common in the early P2P days.) There are a few others, like "Jack vs. the Five Hunters" as well.

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