Retrograde62 wrote: "Please stop inserting any fan-made alternate endings in the Trivia and/or Plot section. I understand some of you are sad but please respect Mr Tartakovski's decision on the ending." accredited to Malikishak91

Actually I was referring to the above comment. If some consider free speech (i.e. conjecture on popular media) as offensive, they have a problem.

With all due to respect, not being biased, a staff member from a certain wiki will listen through all the rules that the bureaucrat has assigned. Seeing that you, my friend, do break one of the wiki's rules, i guaranteee you Malik is actually right.

Oh, and please, i have your check your own contributions and to see the continuous spamming of this video having an effect to the Ashi page, don't try to deny things that you have done.

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