The Titans were a race of ancient deities who controlled the cosmos before the existence of Aku, Odin, Ra, and Rama.


Long ago before the birth of Aku or the current deities, the Titans ruled over the cosmos with Cronus as their King. After Cronus went mad with power, he started to consume the other Titans in order to secure his rule as the supreme being of the cosmos. After he was defeated by Zeus, the other Titans were presumably freed from Cronus' body or were destroyed when they were consumed.


Each of the Titans had a specific appearance that was related to their elements and dominion over nature. Each Titan gave off a divine glow and possessed different-colored skin tones. They all generally wore cloths, togas, or chitons that symbolized their affiliation with Greek Mythology.

Powers and Abilities

As Primordial deities of the cosmos, the Titans were vastly powerful and immortal beings who held dominion over a specific element:

  • Cronus: Time
  • Helios: The Sun
  • Mnemosyne: Memory
  • Atlas: Titan of Astronomy
  • Prometheus: Fire
  • Themis: Justice/Law
  • Zeus: Lightning



  • The show made the fairly common mistake of confusing Chronos (the Greek personification of time), with Cronus/Kronos (the father of the Olympians).
  • Although there was a Sun Titan, Ra also existed.


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