Treat everyone equally. Equality equal.



I've created and written creative laws that I expect to be obeyed.

I've made and written more laws.

Selena, Maria Recinos and Justine in bondage with pistols held to their heads. But they're in luck because someone's coming to rescue them.

Lan Se the blue and light blue dragon and Chorake the dark and yellow green crocodile and their black and white aspects, with yellow eyes and teeth.

Maria and Selena from Tales From The Darkside and Natalia Castellar are also in bondage, with their hands/wrists and feet bound with ropes and being held hostage, with pistols being held to their heads but they'll be saved.

Steven Parent's older sister Janet Parent and their Mexican American cousin Rosemary with their wrists bound with ropes and are being held hostage, with pistols held to their heads. Someone's coming to rescue them.

My Atomic Wall Clock and Bic pencil.

Dr Seuss's wife Helena, with her new husband, a Japanese American police detective who Draws Meaningful cartoons. They also have to cats that they saved and snuck from the twin towers (below) before they got hit. One cat has sunglasses.

Shield #1 featuring Andre Linoge, Randall Flagg, Eddie Rabbit (the blonde head) and Rodney Dazzy of the Dazz Band Mob Group. We also have the chief from The Road To El Dorado and Asenath.

Shield #2 Featuring Stan Smith Lopez from American Dad, his cat Simon, Mr Khan Washee Washee from Family Guy, The Teen Titans and Ben Tennyson.

Shield #3 featuring Godzilla, James Thatch, Jim Hawkins, Commander Rourke and Mr Washee Washee.

Frieda Pinto, Stan and Ghidorah on Shield #4

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