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Hello Everyone, I am Moe1216, one of the Admins for the Samurai Jack Wikia. I am a fan of many shows, but Samurai Jack was always one of the shows I always looked forward to watching the most. It was also what got me into swords, samurai, and basically all of japanese culture. We here at the Wikia hope that all users enjoy themselves here and can help contribute to make this one of the top wikias.

P.S. If anyone needs help, just contact me, SalmanH, or Grunny and we'll be happy to help.

My contributions

Jacks dad


The Elementals

The Guardian

The Blind Archers

Powers and Abilities of the Imakandi


The Thief

The Lava Monster




The Ninja

Picture for the Goddess of Water page

Pictures of X9 and Lulu on the X9 page.

Metal Eating Family

The Farting Dragon

Aku's Warriors

DJ Stylbator

The Scotsman's wife

The Scotsman's Sword

The Canine Archaeologists

My favorite pages

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  • Introduction (no section heading, just the lead part of the article)
  • Appearance (if information available)
  • Personality (if information available)
  • Biography (or we could call it History)
  • Powers or abilities and skills (if information available)
  • Trivia (if information available)


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