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Ashi Uzumaki


Ashi Uzumaki is the descendant of The Emperor and The Empress. She is the both the fan-made god-like protagonist/antagonist of the Samurai Jack series. Ashi's sister is Kurome Uzumaki.


Fifty Years laters

Three Ashis

Ashi Uzumaki is birthed from her dying mother who is the descendant of Jack's father and Mother and bestowed her a essence of the Black Mass. Upon discovering the stone tablet about Aku being slain by Samurai Jack, she had to train real hard to become the ultimate warrior to slay Odin, Vishnu and Ra inside core of the mountain. During her training as a child, Ashi found a hole in the wall to gaze upon the outside world. She is told that the world was a creation of The one True God; Raimei Ōtsutsuki, and that it was under threat so long as Jack lived to oppose the rules of Raimei's unnamed Utopia.

Eight years later, when her training is complete, Raimei Ōtsutsuki tasks Ashi to destroy Aku, terminate or surrender to Samurai Jack or to destroy the world and the universe and gives her the Ryuseken no Bazooka; the weapon of mass destruction. When she accepted the task of destroying the world, She sets out to fulfill her mission.

Jack and Ashi arrive at the mountain on the back of a giant bird, using it to explore the depths of the pit. When they can't find the sword, Jack comes to the realization the sword left him instead of vice versa. Back outside, he decides to look for it spiritually by meditating. Ashi wants to come along, but Jack refuses, leaving her in charge of protecting him. As Jack meditates, Ashi spots Ashi Uzumaki who defeated entire Orc Army in the distance.

Ashi Uzumaki teleports herself to the assassin who fires an arrow at Jack, but Ashi Uzumaki catches it just in time, using a stone slab to block even more shots in the process. The attacker reveals herself as the High Priestess. Ashi Uzumaki reveals that Raimei was tasked to destroy both Jack and the world. The High Priestess amused Raimei's chosen one but Ashi disappointed in her behavior, explaining that Jack showed her the truth about Aku. Using one of the ram's horns as a makeshift dagger, Ashi protects Jack while holding her own against her mother. The High Priestess scolds Ashi for betraying their family and sparing Jack, despite the fact he killed her sisters. Ashi asserts that she and her sisters' fates were already chosen, being raised as nothing more than living weapons. Before the High Priestess can finish Jack, Ashi recovers from the rubble she had been buried under and throws one of her mother's arrows back at her, hitting her in the back and sending her falling to her death.

As Ashi Uzumaki is prepared to destroy the mountain with the enchanted sword of destruction, not knowing that Jack is still meditating, Ashi managed to restrain her with chains from the longer nunchucks. She compliments Jack for his new appearance and for getting the sword back, while he remarks on her recent battle. With his sword back at his side and confidence restored, Jack informs Ashi it's time to confront Aku once and for all.

Ashi Uzumaki badmouths Jack and Ashi and sings praise for Raimei. When Ashi and Jack are irritated by Ashi Uzumaki's praise of both the gods and Aku, Jack ponders her entire way of thinking, and decides to convince her he is not an enemy. When Lazarus-92 attacks Jack and Ashi, Ashi Uzumaki complements, saying Raimei eats leeches, demonstrating her ability to unleashed her electric fangs, killing Lazarus 92.

While sleeping with Ashi, Ashi dreams of her mother being killed by the Rebel Army while praising both Raimei, Odin, Vishnu, Ra and Aku. Waking up in the morning, she spots Scaramouche. Ashi Uzumaki recalls Aku's visit to the Cult of Aku in familiar robot graveyard, eventually discovering that the Guardian and his time portal have apparently both been destroyed. Ashi soon confronts him, demanding to know why Jack left. Jack explains that, in addition to witnessing the suffering of many innocent people, Aku has taken everything from him, leaving him with nothing but memories, and doesn't want the same to happen to Ashi. Instead, Ashi assures him and Ashi Uzumaki they were brought together for a reason and will defeat Aku together. Sure enough, the demon in question reveals himself, followed by Scaramouche. Aku claims he is aware that Jack lost his sword, having learned the information from Scaramouche. When Jack reveals the opposite, Aku telekinetically destroys Scaramouche's head in frustration.

Ashi Uzumaki was faced with the reality that the black mass was Aku and herself as she was indoctrinated into believing. Ashi Uzumaki consider Aku as the black mother. Aku casually prepares to leave as Jack attacks him, but smells something familiar nearby: himself. Jack is confused by this until Aku approaches Ashi. Smelling part of himself inside her, Aku remembers the time when he personally paid a visit to the members of the Cult of Aku, providing them with some of his essence. He then deduces that the High Priestess drank his essence shortly after and gave birth to the Daughters of Aku and Ashi Uzumaki's mother making her child feed the essence of the black mass, making Ashi his biological daughter and Ashi Uzumaki the true black mass. Horrified, Ashi Uzumaki was in pain, transforming into the Black Mass, taking the form if the eight headed dragon with eight whip-like tails.

When Aku has captured Jack and stolen his sword, broadcasting his victory to everyone in the world, if not the universe, once again relishing in his victory. Aku prepared to kill Jack in front of the whole universe, but is confused as to how he should kill his arch-enemy. After a period of in decision, Aku decides it's best for Ashi to kill Jack. As Ashi prepares to kill Jack, all of Jack's allies soon arrive and fight Aku and his forces in a grand-scale battle while Jack fights the corrupted Ashi. Aku finds amusement in the armies attempts to save Jack, as while they may be able to fight off Aku's forces, Aku himself is nearly untouchable.

The Past

Eventually, Ashi Uzumaki frees Ashi of Aku's corruption and gains his powers, she warps Jack, Ashi and herself back to the past, where Jack meets Aku in the same spot where he was cast in the future, and after a brief battle, uses his sword to destroy Aku once and for all, thus preventing the rise of Aku and spared both the universe and the future from his tyranny.

Unfortunately, since Ashi was Aku's daughter, she was erased from existence before she and Jack were wedded. The same possibly went to or at least some of Jack's allies in the future as well since Aku in some ways was the catalyst for their existence. Despite that, Aku's destruction means all the sufferings and atrocities he has inflicted will be undone, thus sparing those who live in misery under his tyranny from such fate.

Despite that, it is shown that Aku still can hurt Jack even in death by taking away the woman he loves, Ashi. Ironically, Ashi is actually his true downfall rather than Jack or his magical katana.

Despite Jack, being able to change the future, the Black Mass, who was Ashi Uzumaki's true form has finally unleashed her wrath on The Emperor and unleashed a vicious attack on the city. When Jack saw Raimei's offspring going on a rampage, Jack pleads with her to resist, but she is unable to do so when she evolved into her ultimate form.

Ashi's ultimate form identifies herself as Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the older sister of Raimei, who is aware of her wrath, she states that if Jack's father was killed by the meteor (which transforms into the Divine Tree of life), it would end both the universe and the future, but Jack can't bring himself to stop Ashi's ultimate form and stands down. Ashi's ultimate form impaled Jack with Ashi Uzumaki's Ryuseken no Bazooka and unleashed her spell Infinite Tsukuyuomi (A super weapon which destroys the Gods except for Raimei and ultimate killed everyone on earth). The dying Jack spread his final words to Ashi Uzumaki, pleads with her to resist, assuring her she is nothing like her ancestors.

The Present

Ashi's epic adventures in the timeline

No jacko

After being free from Kaguya's grasp, Ashi appeared four centuries have passed. During that time, Dr. Eggman the evil scientist managed to terrorize and subjugate the majority of the entire world, making himself the undisputed ruler of the Galactic Empire. When she came out of the portal; consequently reincarnate evolved, falling into the depths of a high tech city and nearly getting ran into by flying cars. After managing to land on one of the flying cars, is shot at by an APB car. She quickly cuts the car apart and lands safely on the ground below by jumping from car to car. Ashi soon finds himself facing a massive red trash compacting vehicle heading straight for him.

Ashi manages to avoid being crushed by using his acrobatic skills and climbing on the vehicle's underside and gets onto the walkway, where three young aliens had been watching her and were amazed by his skills and continually referred to her as Asakura Haruto. Ashi asks them where he is and who is in charge and they tell him he is in the Central Hub of Sector D of the city and that Eggman is their leader. The teens then take him to a bar to get him a drink and to calm her nerves. At the bar, She is astonished to see that everyone inside is an alien. One of the aliens becomes offended by his staring and starts a fight with him. Ashi tries to apologize, but it doesn't work and he is forced to literally disarm the alien, only for the injured alien's friends to join in the fight. While Ashi is defending herself, three canine archaeologists are speaking with an alien warrior, hoping he will help them fight against Eggman.

The alien calls them idiots and walks off. Not deterred, the archaeologists then turn their attention to Ashi who has 'disarmed' all the other aliens. Rothchild, the leader of the archaeologists, invites The Prince to sit with them so they can explain to him where she is and to ask for his help. They introduce themselves as Sir Drifus Alexander (Bulldog), Sir Angus McDuffy (Scottish Terrier), and Sir Colin Bartholomew Montgomery Rothchild III (Dachsund). They explain to Ashi that Eggman has ruled the Earth for thousands of years and that he has extended his reach to other the galaxies to increase his wealth and power over resources and the masses, causing a mirade of lifeforms to inhabit Earth and change it into what it is now.

They also discover that Ashi is in fact from the future after he points out the fact that where he came from dogs only barked. After scanning him, they discover that he originates from the time after Aku was destroyed by Samurai Jack. Ashi understands and realizes that the question is not where she is, but when, and that Kaguya must have thrown her into the present. They then ask Ashi help to free them and their colleagues from Eggman who has enslaved them to work in crystal mines making them able to continue their studies about their past. With Raimei's conscience, telling her the truth, Ashi decides to help them and introduces himself as 'Asakura Haruto,' the name the teens called him earlier. As they leave, unbeknownst to them, Eggman's spy had heard their conversation and went to give the emperor himself the information. As soon as he heard this, became infuriated and wished to see who would dare to oppose him and saw that it was Ashi aka Asakura Haruto. Eggman knew this day would come and proclaims that Asakura Haruto will now suffer the pain after exterminating Sonic the Hedgehog and sends his army to attack them.

At the excavation site, Haruto and the archaeologists learn that Eggman has sent the Imperial Walkers to destroy them and begin to prepare for their coming arrival. Haruto tells the archaeologists evacuate the excavation site with their colleague and she will deal with the Imperial Walkers when the machines open fire. Ashi flies like the most fastest ship of the galaxy to battle the Eggman Army. Unknown to Ashi and the archaeologists, the group kids who fight a single but evil adult were playing in the snow and sees Ashi fighting the Eggman Army and starts to run for their lives. The african girl Abby, knows the divine hero. Abigail rallies everyone to to help out. Wallabee and his group shoot snowballs at them, while Hoagie and his group provide aerial assistance.

Ashi trips all Imperial Walkers with her mechanical tow cable-like legs thanks to the children-like resistance. The resistance asks Haruto to identify herself. Ashi replied saying that she is the descendant of the Samurai Empire, Ashi Uzumaki and the children-like resistance introduces themselves as the Kids Next Door Z; formerly known as the Powerpuff Kids Z.

O dear

As the KNDZ repair their Moonbase, Ashi was scolded by Numbuh 362Z for fighting Eggman's army of adults. Ashi asserts that the dogs is a priority, as it is a monument to the Raimei Ōtsutsuki. Numbuh 362 snapped when the attack was a diversion, set by a single supervillain who coordinated all their enemies to attack them simultaneously. Ashi only got lucky and since she acts alone, she gives the promotion to Global Tactical Officer to Numbuh 86Z. Then, Numbuh 101Z calls to say that he failed to get an autograph, before mentioning the stolen Recommissioning Module, which he considers damaged; Numbuh 86Z nervously agrees, but Numbuhs 1Z and 362Z can tells she is hiding something. Numbuh 86Z confesses that the Module is repaired, which she used to recommission Sector V after Numbuh 274 turned traitor. Ashi goes down to earth to retrieve the Module from Dr. Eggman (despite Numbuh 362 and his team's warnings), taking the form the Ultimate evil which resembles Aku. Unfortunately, Father's father; the infamous Grandfather has restored himself taking the mantle of Asakura Haruto and captured Ashi. Grandfather quickly usurps Father's position as leader of the KND villains, by calling Father a failure and telling him to leave stating that he only brought him back because he can't defeat the KND by himself and thanks Ashi for returning the portion of evil to him.

Asakura Haruto tells the villains and Ashi that he will turn everyone who has ever been a kid into a Senior Citi-Zombie and make him mountains of tapioca to refuel him. While at first excited, the villains realize they were kids some point in their lives and try to run away. Asakura Haruto transforms the Toiletnator by holding him with his touch. He infects Mr. Boss, Dr. Eggman and Crazy Old Cat Lady, and quickly, Knightbrace is transformed by Mr. Boss while Grandfather transforms all the villains at the Convention Base except for Chad Dickson (Numbuh 274) who manages soon to escape. Cree flies into Grandfather, and becomes a Senior Citi-Zombie. Numbuh 1Z gives up, frustrated at her that she ruined everything and leaves himself behind, while Numbuh 5Z is transformed by Cree trying to protect her comrades and Ashi. Soon, Grandfather with his slave army transform a KND Treehouse into a giant Tapioca-Factory where the Senior Citi-Zombie slaves making tapioca pudding for him. Asakura Haruto spreads this to every continent globally, turns the world's population of children into slaves, and transforms two thirds of the Kids Next Door treehouses into tapioca factories in only one hour. At the Moonbase, realizing the severity of the situation, Numbuh 2Z tells Numbuhs 362Z, Numbuh 86Z, Numbuh 3Z, and Numbuh 4Z he has a device at Sector V Treehouse that can help build new Age-o-tonic Birthday Suits that protect them from the Senior Citi-Zombification Since Ashi has the Ryuseken no Bazooka; which Numbuh 86 recognized it as the 'Decommissioning Sword', Numbuhs 362 orders Ashi as 'Numbuh 1995' to defeat Grandfather. When Asakura Haruto found out that Ashi has the magical sword has the power to find the Book of KND, he went to the Moonbase and meet Ashi face to face.

Asakura Haruto is glad to see his Predecessor. Ashi called her the ultimate Successor as 'Mother'. Haruto demands that his son behave for once and asks for Ashi to fetch him the Book of KND; which she refused to budge. Enraged, Haruto declares that the only mistake he made was giving his own son a choice and engages Ashi, slowly agifying her but her sword electrocutes Asakura Haruto, which results getting his memories memories erased. With Grandfather defeated, the world turns back to normal and the KND treehouses are restored to formal glory but remained destroy as wreckage as the Senior Citi-Zombies transform back into their normal, harmless selves. Numbuh 74.239Z has discovered that Ashi was actually the leader of the Galactic KNDZ, which Ashi ask is Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 1Z are chosen. Numbuh 74.239Z answered yes. , an organization dedicated to preventing adult tyranny throughout the universe--Numbuh 1's thrilled by this, but after asking when he'll return from his time in the GKND, Numbuh 74.239 explains that he may never come back. Eventually, Nigel's parents, who have been recommissioned, come to say goodbye to their son. It's also revealed that Nigel's mom was actually Numbuh 999, the first female operative in the Seventh Age of the Kids Next Door.

Shortly after that, the rest of Sectors V and VZ (although uninvited) arrive at Nigel's location. Security holds them off at first but they were later allowed to say their goodbyes. It turns out that the tracking device that Nigel was supposed to use on DCFDTL was still on. Also Numbuh 2 says that science geeks know each other's secrets which are the reasons why they tracked him down. He then gave him a bag containing his essentials. Numbuh 5 was then made back as the original leader of Sector V and Nigel gives his shades to her as well. She tells him tearfully that it won't be Sector V without him. He tells that it was before and will after again. Suddenly, one of the scientist tells everyone that Father is coming to the secret location and he's really mad. Numbuh 74.239Z and Ashi tells Numbuh 1 it's now or never. The rest of Sectors V and VZ hugs Numbuhs 1 and 1Z, who tells them to promise him that they'll never grow up, even if they age and don't remember their times together, they'll still be kids at hearts. Calling out: KIDS NEXT DOOR Z! one last time, they all hug each other for one last time as Numbuh 1 says his goodbyes.


After departing separate ways by saying that she will meet new friends to the Galactic KNDZ, which the organization agreed, Ashi Uzumaki sailed through the stars with the spaceship searching for more answers of how to return her time while asleep. When awake, Ashi sees the abyss of space and the multi-colored comet. At planet Popstar, in Kabu Valley all of the villagers gather and seek advice from Kabu. Kabu tells the villagers about the monster who had started living on Popstar, that it's indeed Dedede's, it came from someone more powerful than him, and that their land will be destroyed. They then remember the legend that the two Star Warriors named Ashi of the asteroid and Kirby of the Stars comes to help them. Dedede drives in intending to shoot at Kabu (who predicts he won't), when a bright light occurs and something falls from the sky.

Ashi and Kirby, who has awakened 200 years before schedule, hasn't matured yet and doesn't know how to control their separate ships. Therefore, he crash lands on the sheep farm. Villagers gather around Kirby's ruined spaceship and when it opens a pink ball falls from inside. Kirby notices his name and Ashi's name when Tiff mentions it, making sure that they are the legendary Star Warriors who came to help. Dedede doesn't want that someone to defeat his monsters and hits Kirby with his hammer, sending him flying into a canyon. Ashi go down into the canyon to try saving Kirby, who sleeps at a ridge. Suddenly a rock breaks under Ashi's foot and she falls down! Kirby, hearing her screams, flies to Ashi and saves her from being impaled by a stalagmite at the bottom of the canyon. Ashi was impressed. Ashi and Kirby walks to the hill where he can see the Cappy Town for the first time, the kids following him.

Suddenly, Dedede and Escargoon come in and start shooting at Kirby, who runs off. Kirby gets hit and is sent flying. When he lands to the watermelon field Dedede pursues him with Escargoon, but Tiff and Tuff throw watermelons in their faces. Escargoon whispers to Dedede something about Kirby's spaceship and they drive away. Tiff, Ashi and the others start looking for Kirby and find him eating watermelons. In the evening everybody gathers at Mayor Len Blustergas's house to have a dinner celebrating Kirby's arrival. Outside the mayor's house, Ashi prayed to her god for the answer of how to get back home in the future, Raimei in her conscience, replied that Ashi must defeat every villain throughout each dimension, Kirby's enemy is Nightmare, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' enemy is the Shredder, Naruto's is Sasuke, Paul Gekko's is Dark Oak, Wander's is Lord Dominator, Korra's is Amon and finally Ashi's is both Dr. Eggman and Kaguya; Raimei's sister which Ashi understood the enemies to well.

Tiff then comes and asks Ashi what she praying, which she responded, Raimei, the Ultimate Prime, her god and creator of the universe. Tiff hears sounds from outside and instantly hides Kirby in a sack. Then Sword Knight and Blade Knight break in, saying that they're looking for someone named Kirby. Tiff and Tuff say that they are too but he isn't there. Meta Knight senses that Kirby is in the sack and steps in. He pulls out his sacred sword, Galaxia, and swipes the sack off. When he sees Kirby he gets the first connection with a Star Warrior since the great war against Nightmare.

Meta Knight explains to Ashi that it is Dedede who orders the monsters from Nightmare Enterprises and that their goal is to take over the universe. He also states that NME created monsters to do his bidding and that a legion of heroes called the Star Warriors fought to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, the monsters outnumbered the soldiers and killed all of the Star Warriors except for one: Meta Knight, who was alone, injured, but alive. Meta Knight also explains that there was a spark of hope that there'd be new Star Warriors that would fight beside him and defeat NME. He served under the king, knowing that a Star Warrior would someday come here because of King Dedede's obsession with monsters. Meta Knight then explains that Kirby is the Star Warrior, but he arrived 200 years early; he cannot think or speak meaning that he is still a baby. Meta Knight says that he will train Kirby and that Tiff also will help Kirby out and Ashi will slay NME, who revealed that the entity was made of pure nightmares. Ashi sees the glow of her sword evolving it into staff-size Star Rod, unaware that the modern Samurai Jack and Ashi are watching since they are following her. Meta Knight, who was of course expecting it, shows them his secret weapon, his weapon to destroy Nightmare. Accompanied by Sword Knight and Blade Knight, Meta Knight explains. It was the Battleship Halberd nestled right under Dedede's castle. Everyone boards, but by this time King Dedede had caught on, discovering the Halberd from Waddle Doo's instructions. Dedede and Escargoon board the Halberd as stowaways via the storage compartment.

Then, the Destrayer blasts through the ground floor of the Dedede Castle, and begins destroying the underground section. Meta Knight pilots the Halberd up, straight away, escapes the Destrayer's beams. Then, a few Cappy volunteers stay on the ship while the others await for their arrival. As the Halberd gets into the fortress, Knuckle Joe, Sirica, and Arthur and his comrades, Dragato, Falspar, and Noisurat tag along with the Halberd's crew and the Galactic KNDZ who joins in the battle against other evil adults that stronger since Ashi mentioned. Dedede then uses his phone to call Nightmare Enterprises to complain to Customer Service. Dedede then tells Customer Service that they are doing a sneak attack on NME's fortress. Customer Service then tells Dedede that they can track the Halberd down with his phone signal.

After what they did, Dedede and Escargoon get thrown in a jail cell. They contact Customer Service again, and he tells them that he is sending them "a little surprise". NME sends in Heavy Lobster to destroy the Halberd. Chef Kawasaki believed that Kirby could cook him, but Kirby failed to do so because it is made of metal. Chef Kawasaki then runs to the Halberd's kitchen to figure out something else. As he is doing that, Heavy Lobster chases Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby. Chef Kawasaki then return suggesting that Kirby give Heavy Lobster "the cold shoulder". Chef Kawasaki then throws some ice cubes and Kirby inhales them. He becomes Ice Kirby. He then freezes Heavy Lobster solid and Sword Knight fires his cannon. Meanwhile, Heavy Lobster sets Dedede and Escargoon free. They are contacted by Customer Service and are hypnotized by Nightmare. King Dedede and Escargoon take away Tiff and Chef Kawasaki while Kit Cosmos chases after them.

Dedede and Escargoon arrive in the room where they see the NME Salesman. Escargoon makes a statement that they had never actually seen him in person. The NME Salesman turns his chair around and reveals himself to be actually quite short. Dedede goes up to the intercom to ask Chef Kawasaki to make him some food, and quick. Chef Kawasaki arrives just right after he said it. Dedede starts pretending to chow down on the food. Knowing how awful his cooking is, Dedede shoves some into the NME Salesman's mouth as revenge towards Customer Service. Nightmare sets up a trap for Kirby and Ashi by placing him onto where he creates monsters, what seemingly looks like a checker board but was shocked that Ashi's sword evolved into the Star Rod, Nightmare's only weakness. After the battle, Kirby, Ashi and Tiff see Nightmare start to fade away.

Tiff states that since Nightmare is a bunch of nightmares, he can only be defeated was Ashi. Kirby sees and praised Ashi Uzumaki's abilities. Nightmare disintegrates into nothingness. Since the Destrayer armada was destroyed, saving Knuckle Joe and the Star Warriors inside their Destrayer ships by Ashi, who uses the power of the Star Rod, Everyone in the Halberd must escape. The Star Warriors thanked Ashi since the prophecy of the young woman from the future comes down from the heaven has been fulfilled and asked what next. Ashi knows that her next target was Lord Dominator. Unknown to Ashi and the Star Warriors, Modenr Ahi and Jack are pursuing Ashi Uzumaki. Lord Hater and his Watchdogs looking at live feed of Planet Binglebop being threatened by Dominator's drill. Ashi Uzumaki used the fully evolved sword to slice Dominator's ship in half before the drill falls, the planet breaks, and gets replaced by pixelart of a bleeding heart. Dominator has destroyed the last planet in the galaxy. Peepers cries in despair, as Hater walks away in silence. Peepers admits defeat. Ashi and the Star Warriors move on to the next enemy, the Shredder, but there were three Shredders each but Raimei says that they schould only chooses one of it and Tiff chose the Hydra Shredder, Ashi accepts which tells Kirby that the eight headed serpentine Shredder teams up with the Tengu Shredder and the 1900's Shredder.

All the remaining bots collapse and the refugees cheer, but Sylvia looks up in sadness believing the worst for Wander, prompting the refugees to cease the cheering and look up.

As the clouds clear away, all that's left is Wander hugging Dominator in an orbble. Dominator can't understand why Wander would save her life after everything she did, and he calmly explains that "an enemy is just a friend you haven't made yet." She tries to remind him that she demolished the whole galaxy, but Wander ignores that. They watch as The Flower's seeds bloom on the broken planets and revive them. Wander starts over welcoming Dominator to the galaxy, complete with a fruit basket.

After a pause of confusion, she snaps and kicks Wander away, calling everyone "a bunch of dorks" for the last time, and takes an orange from wander, pointing out that she took it because she's hungry, not because she's Wander's friend. She angrily storms off from the galaxy unlikely to return. Wander's orbble pops, and he regrets not making a new friend. Sylvia reminds him that he can still be Hater's friend, only to find that he still hasn't changed from his ways. He announces that he'll conquer every planet, planting a flag in the Secret Planet. Wander steals his flag, and Hater orders the army to give chase. Wander and Sylvia fly off in an orbble, with the Skullship chasing them.


After the Halberd lands at the TMNT Planet, the Ninja Turtles are alerted by their master Splinter that the legendary granddaughter of the Star has returned to defeat the Three Shredders just as the cave paintings predicted and tells them of the story of how the legendary hero of the stars have slain the eight headed shredder. Centuries before Ashi arrived, the kingdom was besieged by an evil Yamata no Orochi known as the Shredder. To counter the dragon, the legendary hero of the stars was gifted with mystical sword by Raimei, the Goddess of Creation and the creator of the Ninja Tribunal. Thanks to the hero of the stars, the Eight Headed Shredder was defeated and sealed deep win the earth forever.

Ashi is then honored to meet the Turtles and master Splinter, identifying herself as the daughter of Raimei. 1987 Leonardo explains his team was fighting Shredder over Mutagen in the Technodrome; the dimensional teleporter malfunctioned, sending them all to this world. Checking recent tremor reports, the Turtles find the Technodrome; however, 1987 Shredder manages to elude them, forcing his foes to build a portal device to reach their universe for "anti-Technodrome gear". In the meantime, Shredder locates an 2003 Shredder on an icy asteroid. After Ch'rell is thawed out, he is contained for vivisection, as he's too insane to work with but the Tengu Shredder is better to work with and the Yamata no Shredder, the massive eight headed serpent formed an alliance with Krang, 1987 Shredder and the Tengu Shredder; however, his adopted daughter, Karai, breaks into and frees him; she had been monitoring his exile.

While Ashi, the Turtles, Galactic KNDZ and the Star Warriors are on their way to the Halberd, they are are attacked by Hun and the Purple Dragons, who want their mutagen. Although Hun is in possession of a powerful mutant, Splinter destroys it with the Turtle Truck's missiles. Unfortunately, Hun tackles 1987 Donetello into the sewers for the mutagen, becoming exposed; he becomes the very thing he hates - a mutant turtle. He wanders until coming upon the technodrome, now under Ch'rell's control, and vows to serve him again. Ch'rell builds a new exoskeleton for himself, and begins the process of rebuilding the cartoonish fortress into something more worthy of the Shredder; he also improves the Foot bots and mutates the Foot clan. Hun, Bebop and Rocksteady are dispatched to destroy the Turtles, breaking into their lair; it begins crumbling, forcing the Turtles, the Star Warriors and Ashi to use their dimensional portal stick to escape into the '87 universe. Splinter is captured by Hun to serve as bait in a trap. Ch'rell uses the dimensional portal, learning there are many parallel universes. He decides to launch an all-out assault on the 2003 universe to lure the Turtles out of hiding.

Back in the '87 universe, the 2003 Turtles, Galactic KNDZ, Ashi and the Star Warriors meet the 1987 versions of April O'Neil and Splinter. The 2003 Turtles are welcomed as sons and feel a kinship with the 1987 Splinter. After both Donatellos apply their expertise, the Turtles are able to return to the 2003 universe with the anti-technodrome gear and the 1987 Turtles vehicles: the Party Wagon and Turtle Blimp and the Star Warrior's Halberd.

They find Casey Jones and April attempting to repel the advancing onslaught, and infiltrate the Technodrome, which now looks like the Death Star. Captured by Ch'rell, the Turtles, Star Warriors, some Galactic KNDZ Operatives and Ashi learn they are not the only versions in the multiverse; he plans to kill the "Prime" Turtles, creating a domino effect that erase every other Turtle in the multiverse. All of the heroes are scanned for shared DNA, seemingly vanishing into oblivion as the Technodrome vanishes to the core universe; however, they were teleported them to safety as her father hasn't considered the consequences. Unfortunately, 2003 Shredder has already infiltrated the Turtle Prime universe and is now demolishing it; this causes a chain reaction that begins to literally erase everything and everyone in the 2003 universe, including April and Casey. Needing to upgrade their portal device, the Turtles, Ashi, Star Warriors and two Galactic KNDZ Operatives break into Purple Dragon HQ; Hun is waiting for them, wanting revenge for his mutation. However, when he sees the world vanishing, Hun surrenders the upgrade tech just before he's erased.

The Turtles accomplish their task and just manage to escape being erased, and are teleported to the black-and-white Turtle Prime universe. To their surprise, their originals attack them for no reason, until Ashi mentions Oroku Saki Prime and Ashi Prime since they were once friends. As part of their plan, the other eight will hide while the Prime Turtles lure 2003 Shredder out by insulting his pride. Before he comes out, they are challenged by Shredder Prime, who is comically dispatched by the other hiding heroes.

It turns out Karai has teleported them to safety. With the aid of Splinter, Karai, and even the 1987 Shredder and Krang, twelve turtles, Star Warriors, Galactic KNDZ, Tengu Shredder and Ashi then engage Ch'rell in battle. 2003 Shredder's exoskeleton grows thanks to molecular amplification technology from Dimension X, but is knocked into the energy the Technodrome is firing and loses some of his suit. Everyone tries knocking him into the beam, but Rocksteady trips and unplugs the power cable. 2003 Shredder begins crushing the Prime Turtles, even though Splinter tells him all of reality will vanish. Too insane to care, 2003 Shredder continues to crush the Turtles until 1987 tosses explosive throwing stars at Ch'rell's leg, causing him to drop the Prime Turtles. Bebop plugs the beam back in, erasing 2003 Shredder from existence before Ashi is facing the Eight Headed Shredder and finally defeating it for good. Unknown to everyone, Modern Ashi and Jack is still chasing Ashi's trail.

With their foe defeated, the Turtles watch as their respective realities restore themselves. Splinter and Karai note that Ch'rell always returns no matter how he is defeated, but the various characters decide they'll be there to stop him whenever he may rise again. The 1987 characters take the Technodrome and return to their homeworld, while the 2003 characters, Star Warriors, Galactic KNDZ and Ashi use the portal stick to return to theirs.

The Prime Turtles decide to go get some pizza to eat, as somewhere else, across time and space.

Cartoon Network Villains

After bidding farewell to the 2003 Turtles and master Splinter, alongside the Galactic KNDZ and the Star Warriors, Ashi departs before bring chased by the Modern Ashi and Jack. In the Future various of Jack's allies were watching the heroic efforts of Ashi facing the evil Galactic Empire replacing Aku and Samurai Jack.

Tetra, the servant of Raimei honorably thanks Ashi for the assistance of every faction, asking Ashi if they can return the favor. When Ashi asks of Naruto help of redeem Ashi's new enemy, Tetra immediately understands what it is and tells Ashi to travel north with the revived Itachi albeit with cybernetic equipment, explaining there is a magical land that can help her fulfill her destiny.

Sakura departs from Konoha with Sai, Kiba, and Lee, off to find and speak with Naruto. In the Land of Iron, Eggman sends Sasuke and Karin away. He then tells the Kage that Eggman Empire seeks the tailed beasts for the good of the world. The beasts were created centuries ago when the Sage of the Six Paths split up the immense power of the Ten-Tails. If Eggman combines the four tailed beasts into the eight headed and ten tailed dragon and and seals it within his body, he will be able to ensure has the extensive rule over the entire world and end all wars. He asks the Kage to help him achieve this goal by giving him Naruto and Killer B (in doing so revealing that B was never captured). They refuse, Eggman shall declare war on the legendary Samurai Ashi just as the cave painting predicted.

As Eggman departs, the Kage return to the idea of joining forces to fight and help Ashi fight the Galactic Empire. Because of Danzō's actions, Konoha will not be permitted to join them until a new Hokage is found, preferably Kakashi. Although Killer B and Naruto would be valuable assets in the war effort as Ōnoki states, the other three Kage believe putting them on the battlefield would make it too easy for Akatsuki to capture them. The Kage agree to dedicate all necessary resources to protecting them both. Naruto's training with senjutsu is interrupted by the arrival of Sakura's group, so that she may speak with him. Meanwhile, B begins to learn how to become a better singer from Sabu. Ashi joins in as well. Ashi has better talent of singing and dancing which helped B with his completion of becoming the singer. B thanked Ashi for the training but were interrupted by the Fourth Raikage, drawn to the site of Samurai Ashi who was sent by the Sage of the Six Paths' Aunt.

Ashi told the Fourth Raikage the song summoning caterpillars. At the Island, A giant Mothra Larvae notices the song and follows the voice of Ashi.

After arriving at to Ashi's location. Ashi thanks Mothra Larvae for coming along before Mothra Larvae turns into her adult form and fly away. The Fourth Raikage was amazed by her skills and learned she has found Mecha Itachi as her partner. Ashi told the Fourth Raikage that she has achieved her ultimate evolution and shows him a demonstration. The Fourth Raikage was amazed by this but Fourth Raikage said that she must destroy Danzo before there will be more trouble which she agreed. Elsewhere, Danzō prepares for a battle with Tobi and Eggman. While he does so, Fū Yamanaka and Torune Aburame fight Tobi, but are unable to land a blow. They try to hit him at a time when he is solid, but their attacks pass through him and they are ultimately warped away. With them gone, Egman brings Sasuke and Karin to Danzō, offering to let Sasuke kill him. Danzō accepts the challenge, revealing an arm filled with Sharingan after Ashi and Mecha Itachi arrived.

Ashi asks Danzō if it is true that Konoha ordered Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan. Danzō attacks her but is caught by Sasuke's Susanoo. Danzō admits it, then curses Itachi's mechanical form for putting so much importance in Sasuke, even going so far as telling Sasuke a secret that he was supposed to die with.

Mecha Itachi transforms into the ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam and as Ashi pilots him, Sasuke detects the former. After the series of clashes, Ashi managed to defeat Danzo. Danzō staggers towards Sasuke and Tobi, thinking about how he could never reach the same level as Hiruzen Sarutobi, namely by becoming Hokage. He settles for dying with honour just as Hiruzen did by trying to take Sasuke and Tobi with him. They escape his last attack and Sasuke expresses his desires to continue on to Konoha but not yet, he has to catch up on things.

As Ashi Uzumaki flies away to Republic city, Sasuke pursues her along with Ashi and Jack.


After helping Korra defeat Amon, Korra bestowed her the power of the Avatar to make sure that Ashi Uzumaki may have the chance to defeat Eggman and save the universe. As things gotten better, Ashi Uzumaki and Mecha Itachi were then caught by Ashi, Jack and Sasuke.

Ashi Uzumaki asks what is going here and Raimei is sure that Eggman is the real enemy. Jack ponders her entire way of thinking, and decides to convince her he is not an enemy. As Jack and Ashi tries to explain to Ashi Uzumaki that Aku is the true enemy, Eggman's Imperial forces have finally captured Ashi Uzumaki.

After Ashi Uzumaki has been captured by Eggman Army, Sasuke demolished every ounce Eggman's robots. As Jack presses onward, Ashi Uzumaki tries to explain why is Jack and Ashi in the present and sing praises to Raimei for her heroic deeds by singing Zero to hero. Finally fed up, Jack once again tries and fails to reason with her when Ashi Uzumaki identifies herself as 'Asakura Haruto' and told them that they were on the the floating island. When Mecha Itachi told Ashi Uzumaki what happened after the Emperor's death, before she can explain what happen, however, a ladybug flies past, and Ashi recalls a moment in her youth when she interacted with a ladybug during a sparring session, it's mother was a giant multicolored ladybug who flies with her children and which a ladybug flies back to it's mother reminding Ashi Uzumaki of her deceased mother which she has recently befriended the giant multicolored ladybug.

As Jack interacts with the ladybug in a more harmless manner, Ashi remembering her mother's words, faced with the reality that the samurai may not be obstacle after all as she was indoctrinated into believing. Distraught, Ashi Uzumaki and Mecha Itachi then sits with Jack, Sasuke and Ashi albeit from a distance, and pondering about what the truth really is.

Jack vision sword

Ashi Uzumaki continues to question her purpose. The moon transforms into her mother's face, speaking to her daughter. Ashi Uzumaki informs her mother of the return of Jack. Her mother was so proud that she had found a new friend. That night, however, after Jack experiences a brief hallucination in his campfire, Ashi catches up with him, demanding to know the truth. Before they go to sleep, Ashi gazes up at the stars, asking if her god had created it them. In response, Jack tells her one of his mother's bedtime stories about the creation of stars and believed in her god, and promises to show her the truth in the morning.

The next morning, Jack shows Ashi a single tree. It used to be a forest, until Eggman destroyed most of it in a display of power, leaving the lone tree as a reminder and Ashi Uzumaki informed Jack that Sonic the hedgehog was slain by showing him the corpses of the deceased mobian freedom fighters. This causes Jack to cry out in agony and see the entity who has been following him. The entity tells Jack it is time for him to return to his resting place. and Jack calmly accompanies him out of the facility and Ashi Uzumaki to flied in Mecha Itachi's mobile suit formr. Afterwards, while Ashi is searching for Jack, she finds the children and discovers they are all alive. She then calls out for Jack and Ashi Uzumaki to tell him they succeeded, but they are nowhere to be found.

No hero

After escaping Jack, Ashi Uzumaki, Mecha Itachi and Sasuke head out to end Eggman's reign for good, to get to Eggman's lair, they travel on airship. Two large hooded creatures from the future, believing that she is one of Aku's bounty hunters, approach and attack her, vowing she will not hurt the Samurai. Instead, Sasuke assures that Ashi Uzumaki is the Samurai's successor. Convinced she is not an enemy, the creatures are revealed to be two Woolies, who tell Ashi the story of how Jack saved their people from the Chritchellites. Once the story ends and the airship arrives at its destination, the Eggtropolis.

At the lair, Eggman was able to complete the revival of the eight headed and eight tailed dragon with the power of five of nine tailed beasts. Eggman's servant informs the Emperor, that Ashi's group has arrived at the palace. Eggman proclaims that it is time to pay them for a visit to Ashi, When Ashi Uzumaki opens the entrance door and when the smoke clears, the revived Ten-Tails appears.

Blood light

Ashi was confused at first over not being able to sense the Ten-Tails, so Sasuke tells him that the Ten-Tails is akin to natural energy, prompting Ashi to stagger when she senses it in Avatar mode. Eggman and Obito: Tobi's true identity relocate atop the beast and attach themselves to it. Obito notes that he would like to commence the plan immediately, but Eggman is more in favour of testing out the beast's power and launching the Death Egg in space. The Star Warriors in their battleship Halberd comes to the rescue and recently picks Sasuke, Mecha Itachi and Ashi Uzumaki up and some of Ashi's allies in the present managed to halt the Ten-Tails and begin attacking Dr. Eggman's battlestation albeit with more allies; Palutena's army, Ashi Uzumaki's ancestors in the present, ZAFT armada, Ashi's freedom fighters, Cornerian Army, Regular Army, etc., who are going to help Ashi Uzumaki fight her's new enemies including Father and FatherZ in their dragon forms, Vaatu the spirit of darkness, Jack Spicer and etc.

Ashi time portal

Eggman detaches himself from Ten-Tails and starts fight Ashi and friends with the giant flying robo suit; Egg Emperor. Ashi uses the sword of magic to destroy Eggman's battle suit and finally arrested Eggman for good ending his tyranny across the universe and the timeline and Obito remained weakened and defensless and eventually sealed both Ten-Tails's trueform; Kaguya and Black Zetsu away forever. After Eggman's Galactic Empire has fallen, the Death Egg exploding into oblivian and the Eggman Army tries to retaliate against Ashi Uzumaki, the Little Traitor Dudes For Children's Defense open the Time portal for Ashi to escape into the future and finally return home, where there is no evil that may haunt the world forever and Ashi thanks her allies for helping her defeat Eggman as the greatest threat to the universe before the Death Egg explodes killing modern Samurai Jack in the process much to Jack's allies horror when they watching T.V. from the present. The Empress's descendant would not take Ashi's return to the future likely, because the Empreror's descendant had chosen her son to build a better kingdom but was forever banished from Ashi's heroic future.

The Future

Final tree
Ashi's return

After reurning to her own time, she meets her dying mother on her bed, who was able to give birth to a baby girl, Ashi Uzumaki's sister. Ashi's mother was so proud of her. She called her, Kurome before passing away. A twenty year old Ashi and sixteen year old Kurome mourns in the forest over their mother's passing and gave her a proper funeral. Suddenly, Kurome tells Ashi that there is a ladybug and is reminded that everyone can live peacefully now thanks to his efforts, looking out over the Aku-Samurai Jack's Empire, Galactic Empire and Eggman-free forest and city filled with lots of ultimately advanced technology.

Ten Years Later, Ashi Uzumaki and Kurome is living peacefully in the very large cottage and made new friends.

Attack on the Empire

After many years of peace and Ashi's adventure in the past and present, the First Emperor founded the Akame Empire a thousand years. Fearing for the preservation of his prosperous nation, the Emperor gathered all great minds and scientists of the era and used their pooled knowledge and his resources to craft forty-eight extremely powerful weapons known as Teigu. He did this in order to pass them down to future generations, in hopes of preserving his, at that time, glorious nation. Najenda was once a General of the Empire who decided to defect after realizing how corrupt the current regime was and saw the Uzumaki sisters running away deep into forest with the Ryuseken no Bazooka.

In the year 3024 of the Imperial reign, Ashi and Kurome Uzumaki eventually found themselves lost in the imperial capital filled with futuristic cars and other advanced cities. There, they are greeted by Tatsumi who dreams to be part of the imperial soldier, but is turned away due to the flood of applicants due to a recession. Sitting outside the recruitment office, wondering what to do next, the Uzumaki sisters and Tatsumi are found by wealthy young woman named Aria, who offers him a place to stay. Tatsumi is distrustful at first, but accepts her offer. The next day, Tatsumi is told by one of Aria's bodyguards of the child Emperor, and his Prime Minister, who is corrupting the once great Empire. He is also told of the assassins called "Night Raid" who oppose the Empire.

Later that night, Tatsumi awakes sensing bloodlust. He runs out of his room and witnesses Night Raid for the first time. The family's bodyguards attempt to defend the mansion but are cut down one by one. Tatsumi finds Aria and attempts to guard her when a female assassin arrives, targeting her. Ashi and Kurome accidentally opened the door when coming to Tatsumi's aid and Akame sees Kurome Uzumaki which resembled her sister and was reminded of. They accidentally found the true nature of Aria and her family's as sadists who kill innocent people, kicking in the door of their torture room. Tatsumi is shocked to find Sayo among the mutilated captives, and a barely-alive Ieyasu in a cage, who tells him that Aria tortured Sayo to death. In his rage, Tatsumi slays Aria himself.

After killing Aria, Ashi and Kurome frees Ieyasu from his cage and watches Ieyasu succumbing to the Lubora disease, which Aria's mother infected him with. Saddened by the lost of his two best friends, Leone (the con-girl) and Akame (female assassin) discuss taking the Uzumaki sisters and Tatsumi back to Night Raid's hideout with them much to Tatsumi's surprise and reluctance. Leone then grabs a reluctant Tatsumi and Uzumaki sisters and they head to where the rest of Night Raid is waiting for them. The other Night Raiders ask who Tatsumi is, and Leone replies "one of us". Tatsumi is confused, but is forced to come along, being carried by Night Raid member Bulat. Night Raid (with Tatsumi, Ashi and Kurome) then head back to their hideout.

A flashback of Tatsumi, Sayo and Ieyasu appeared with the three of them declaring that they'd save their village. Then the present came, with Tatsumi looking down at his two friends' graves. At that moment, Leone appeared, asking him if he made a decision on whether to join Night Raid or not. She then insists - more like forces - on showing him around the hideout. Najenda tells Ashi and Kurome of how corrupted the empire took over the entire world. The Uzumaki promises that they will vanquish the Prime Minister by the power of their weapons.

After joining Night Raid and starting their first mission, the Uzumaki sisters are attacked by Seryu, who recognizes Ashi, the legendary warrior that destroy hundred empires long ago. Seryu then engages Ashi and Kurome in a fight with Seryu's Teigu, Hekatonkheires (Koro is the name that Seryu gave to this Teigu) but Ashi's Ryuseken no Bazzoka has started out of control severing Koro's torso from it's waist a Seryu's head out of her neck. Tatsumi and Leone return to HQ and learn of Ashi's mother's death from a shaken Kurome and Ashi has two of her first kill. Tatsumi was shocked that it was Seryu. The frightened Ashi states that the Ryuseken no Bazzoka has blasted Seryu head and her Imperial Arms during her fight, but Bulat tells her not to act childish, reminding her that any of the members could die at any time as retribution for their actions.

Because Sheele was concerned about the Uzumaki sisters, she went to the place were she knew they would go, their mother's grave. She asked why they are still awake. Ashi didn't answer her question, instead he told her what's been on his mind, which ended up with Kurome crying because he didn't want to say goodbye to her dead mother. To cheer them up, Sheele hugged the Uzumaki sisters in a motherly way and comforted them.

Night Raid engages Bols and Kurome along with her puppets. Kurome draws the first attack from her puppet Destaghoul. Destaghoul shoots a powerful beam. Akame engages Bols and the puppet bodyguard Woll after a short melee with Kurome and their deceased friend turned puppet Natala. Tatsumi fights against Apeman and Hentarr. Susanoo fights against Destaghoul. Leone fights against Rokgough. Mine fights against Doya.

During the fight, Leone's left arm is amputated by Kurome while battling Rokgough. This forces Najenda to kill Rokgough herself. Meanwhile, Bols questions Akame in joining the Revolutionary Army. Akame responds that she chose it from her heart. She thinks it is the right path. Leone joins Akame as they kill Woll and disable Bols' flamethrower. Meanwhile, Tatsumi is nearly overwhelmed by Apeman and Hentarr. He is finally assisted in killing them by a disguised Chelsea.

The Kaiser frog swallows Mine while engaging Doya. She manages to kill the frog and escape. Susanoo transforms into a more powerful form gained from Najenda's life force and kills Destaghoul. In a desperate attempt, Bols throws his Imperial Arm known as Rubicante upward and detonates it. He intends to use the massive explosion to kill Akame and Leone.

Tatsumi, Mine, Najenda, Sheele, were also caught up in the explosion with Bulat defending them and wondering what was happening. He looked around to find that Kurome wasn't there. Though Kurome did escape with her childhood friend, she knew that Bols had made the explosion and predicted that he didn't survive it. She even wondered if her sister was okay. In the middle of the aftermath, Leone had shielded Akame with a shield and passed out.

At Night Raid's hideout, the Uzumaki sisters asks why her mother become the advance member of Night Raid before she died, and Najenda states that the public execution would have demoralized the Revolutionary Army, so it had to have been stopped. On the streets of the capital, Wave and a group of soldiers try to contain a riot by the civilians, but fail. Wave, frustrated by the upcoming rebellion, asks if there is anything he can do to stop it. Run calms him down, stating that they will be needed when the chaos ensues after the rebellion. He then reveals his opinions of the kingdom overall, as he finds it rotten, and joined the Jaegers in order to change it from the inside. He then asks Kurome what she plans to do, as if she leaves now, she can evade capture and be free. However, she says freedom isn't her desire.

The Akame Emperor learns of the upcoming chosen few He begins to question if he had been a bad ruler, but Honest reassures him that he has done nothing wrong, and that the rebels are simply being foolish. Later, Kurome's condition begins to become worse, and states that she and Akame must settle things once and for all.

At a public display of rebel corpses, Akame notices a code carved into one of the corpses, and concludes that it is from Kurome. Kurome Uzumaki and Ashi teams up with Akame, and plans to go meet her that night. Tatsumi tries to stop her, saying that it is too dangerous to go by herself. Akame insists that she go alone, and forbids him to come along. However, he makes her promise to come back alive, reminiscent of the promise he had made to her. Ashi's team meets Kurome at a ruined church in the middle of a forest, and the two begin to recall their past together as assassins trained by the capital. Kurome expresses her anger at her sister for leaving her and betraying the capital, and Akame replies that the corruption within the kingdom is what made her join Night Raid.

The two begin to battle but with the help of the Uzumaki sisters, Akame gains the upper hand despite Natala saving Kurome as he gets killed by Kurome Uzumaki's lightsaber sa well for Doya as she gets blown away into the ocean, only to be interrupted by Wave, who intervenes, stating he is Akame's opponent. When Kurome sees Kurome Uzumaki's anger, despite her thinking she is an imposter, Kurome stands down.

Jack's Father witnessing Aku's destruction

Jack's father from the past remained trapped a giant tree in the giant lake was watching Ashi Uzumaki and her sister trying their best to restore his kingdom in the future. At Night Raid's hideout, Tatsumi, Akame, Uzumaki sisters, Kurome and Leone discuss their possible future after the rebellion's conclusion. Najenda enters, thanking the three for their efforts up to this point, and discusses Night Raid's final mission: to assassinate Minister Honest and complete the rebellion.

The next day, Najenda and the Revolutionary Army launch a frontal attack on the capital to act as a diversion so Tatsumi, Akame, and Leone can break into the palace. They are stopped by Run, who admits to agreeing with Night Raid's motives and views on the capital, but also criticizes their methods. He attacks them with his Teigu, and reveals his past as being a teacher in a poor village, whose students were kidnapped and killed. The capital did not recognize this event as a crime, leading Run to want to change the capital from within. Leone and Run argue over each other's morals, leading Leone to holding him off while Akame and Tatsumi head for the minister.

In the throne room, The Emperor learns of the rapid growth of the rebellion, and begins to question if he had been a bad ruler. However, Honest assures him that he has done nothing wrong, and that the people are being foolish. He then tells the emperor that at times like this, a ruler must be cruel to show that the people must not go against their king. Ashi and Kurome Uzumaki and Kurome enter the room. Ashi challenges the Emperor to the all out battle for the throne of the universe which The Emperor accepted by summoning capital's strongest Teigu: Shikoutazer, as the distraught ruler of Jack's kingdom is forced to helplessly watch the destruction.

The Emperor uses Shikoutazer and Ashi explains that Ryuseken's purpose is to destroy other kingdoms that are good or evil, but The Emperor simply responds with Shikoutazer's laser beams, forcing Ashi to fly and dodge the beams before slashing Shikoutazer's stomach as it's weak point forcing The Emperor to use the power of creation to create the Aku and gets out of the cockpit which the Shikoutazer begins to fall and by turning into a giant phoenix and chasing after him. After an intense chase, Ashi slashes the new Aku's head off. This does not stop Aku, who morphs into an eight headed dragon and manages to knock Ashi away. Ashi managed to thrusts the sword into him and traps him in it, then shoves the sword in the ground as the new Aku is turned into a big castle, vowing to return after 9,000 years.

Akame, Kurome Uzumaki and Kurome rushes over to Ashi's battered and bloodied body. Ashi has the power of evolution, which Divine evolves into Ashi Ōtsutsuki, God of the Ice Barrier which heals her own wounds. The Emperor begins to regret his actions, while Esdeath walks over to Akame and Ashi's Divine form, stating that Ashi is one of the Gods. However, she cannot explain a certain feeling she has now that her loved one has passed. Later on as Honest attempts to escape, he is caught by Leone, who attempts to finish him once and for all. However, he brings out Erastone which destroys Lionelle, returning Leone back to her human form. He then pulls out a gun and shoots her, and states that the foolish should be punished. However, Leone fights through the pain and is able to withstand it with brute force. She then strikes Honest multiple times, crushing his head.

Najenda thanks the Uzumaki sisters for helping them on the revolution, who bid them farewell and decides to travel alongside Akame, Bulat, Sheele, Wave and Kurome. After being kissed by Wave, Kurome tearfully asks for him to take her away. The citizens celebrate the Revolutionary Army's victory, and a parade is held. Leone walks off into an empty alley, and dies from the wounds received from Honest. As for The Emperor he is sentenced to execution on the guillotine by Najenda for Tatsumi's demise, half the kingdom he demolished and the countless people he almost killed. The Emperor realizes his mistakes that he failed to protect the empire when it needed protection and he gladly pays for it with his life by dying with honor. The Emperor ask Najenda to rebuild this kingdom with no more bloodshed. Najenda keeps her promise and keeps Ashi's promise to have great grand children as The Emperor gets decapitated by the guillotine indicating it is finally the last drop of bloodshed.

Kurome and Akame, reunited at last thanked Ashi for her heroic deeds of reforming the kingdom which she said "your welcome". At the capital, Run reminds Tatsumi and Mine of the students who wants to heroic deeds before they died at the hands of the empire.

On the boat, during the ensuing battle between Ashi (evolved into Paul Gekko) and Daidara, Bulat saves Ashi, angrily scolding him for falling into the enemy's attack, before heading into the fight himself, easily fending off the Three Beasts and even defeated Daidara at the same time, cutting him in half.

Liver, a former superior of his from the empire who is now in Esdeath's army, then attacked Bulat, and they fought evenly for a while. He managed to beat Liver, but in the process, was poisoned fatally. Before dying, Bulat left his Teigu Incursio to Kurome Uzumaki.

After the Akame Imperial Remnants were defeated from General Budo to Dr. Stylish, the Uzumaki sisters are having wonderful time with Sheele, Wave, Kurome and Akame and going out on new series of adventures including the Super Mario Bros Super Show.

Wrath of the Life Fibers

IMG 20170527 203034

At Honnōji Academy, the calm of a school lesson is interrupted by Ira Gamagōri, searching for one who has committed a crime against the school. The delinquent, Suzuki, attempts first to flee, then fight using the One-Star Goku uniform he stole. His One-Star outfit is no match for Ira's Three-Star Outfit and he is promptly killed.

The Uzumaki sisters, Sheele, Wave, Kurome and Akame and Ryūko Matoi, a delinquent transfer student who has been drifting from school to school searching for clues about her father's murder, makes their way to Honnō City, she has a brief encounter with Matarō Mankanshoku and his gang, who feebly attempt to mug her before she scares them into submission. Mataro is scared off by his big sister, Mako Mankanshoku, who then leaves for class herself - to Ryūko's confusion.

Shortly after her arrival at the school, Ryūko reunites with Mako Mankanshoku who outlines the basic hierarchy of the academy. Most students, including Mako, are no-stars who aren't permitted to wear Goku Uniforms and are restricted to the city slums. Other students are allowed to live in nicer districts depending on the number of stars they have. Exemplary students are granted one-star Goku Uniforms, club captains are granted two-stars, the Elite Four of the Student Council are granted powerful three-stars, and Student Council President, Satsuki Kiryūin, stands undisputed at the top of the academy's power structure.

When Ashi accidentally evolved into 'Sakuramiya Yuki', the name of Kenta Sakuramiya's sister who has the power of the life fibers, the Primordial Life Fiber emerged from the ground taking the form of the eight headed dragon, and envelops her, releasing a surge of unrestrained power making her evolve into 'Palutena Kiryūin' (along with Ryuseken no Bazzoka which evolves into the Super Scissor Blade) before being attacked by Boxing Club Captain, Takaharu Fukuroda using the power of his two-star Goku Uniform but she was able to defeat one-sided defeat him and destroy his Goku Uniform.

As soon as the opportunity presents itself Ryūko recklessly confronts Palutena stating that she is looking for the owner of the other half of a giant scissor blade she received from her father just before his death only to find that Ashi's fully evolved sword. Suddenly the mysterious pink-clad girl last seen walking through the slums. Satsuki immediately yells at Uzu to fall back, an act of intensity that surprises her subordinates; stranger still, Inumuta notes that he has no data available for the mysterious newcomer. Ashi's primordial evolved into 'Kaede Ōbayashi', the name of Kyūji Ōbayashi's older sister who is at the same level as 'Yuki Sakuramiya'. Initially, the girl poked Ashi in the stomach and pull a single thread from her and now Ashi's Primordial Life Fiber chops her arms off. Ashi identifies her as Nui Harime. Although Nui puts on a show of pain and anger, the facade soon becomes real panic when Ashi's Primordial Life Fiber absorbs the the arms, severed thanks to Kyūji Ōbayashi's older sister.

Ryūko's confusion turns to shock when Ashi has Nui's large purple sword - the other half of the Scissor Blade in her left hand and her complete 'Super Scissor Blade' the name of the ultimate weapon created by Ragyo. Ashi's Primordial Evolution identifies herself as Kyūji Ōbayashi's older sister; Kaede Ōbayashi who betrayed Nui and stole the scissors from her after she killed Isshin Matoi, sending Ryūko into a rage.

As Ryūko Matoi angrily goes into a furious attack, Ashi's Primordial Evolution tells her how she killed Isshin Matoi with the Scissor Blades he himself created and stealing one of its blades, but not before having her left eye slashed in the process. The boiling blood of Ryūko's rage has triggered the infinite connection with Ashi and Ryūko in the astral plane and battles each other in Isshin's burnt down home, the place where he died. Ashi manages to literally slap Ryūko to her senses and leaves her with the Nui's large purple sword. Ashi's blood was dripping. Without warning, Ryūko and Ashu has dropped down an underground chute into a strange room and Ashi saves Ryūko and lands on a pile of old clothes. As they As she moves to find her way out she is stunned by a voice desperately asking for more of her blood. A living sailor uniform bursts from beneath the old clothing pins her to the wall, and envelops Ryūko, releasing a surge of unrestrained power.

IMG 20170527 202509

Ashi has her group divide in separate schools and find answers about Ragyo, the ruler of her empire. In Kōbe, Ashi; split in two were 'reunited' with her 'brothers' Kyūji Ōbayashi and Kenta Sakuramiya. In Abekamo, Kurome and Akame meets Tarō Genbu, Saburō Seiryū, Shirō Byakko, and Jirō Suzaku who had chosen them to face Ragyo as the source of ultimate threat similar to the Emperor being chosen by the gods. In Naniwa Kinman High School, Wave is confronted by Kaneo Takarada, who knew that the Primordial Life Fiber was with Ashi Uzumaki and she will stop Ragyo from destroying the world with Life Fiber based army. Aikurō tells Ashi that the time has come at last for her to learn the truth about her father.

Kyūji Ōbayashi, Kenta Sakuramiya, Tarō Genbu, Saburō Seiryū, Shirō Byakko, and Jirō Suzaku meet and guides Ashi's group to an undamaged section of their underground base. Aikurō reveals that Life Fibers are what induced humanity's evolution into Homo sapiens and the instinct to wear clothes. He further explains that Isshin Matoi founded Nudist Beach and created Senketsu for Ryūko to wear and fight the Kiryūins when she came of age, as she displays a high resistance to Life Fibers. Ashi becomes outraged that Nudist Beach sees Senketsu and Ryūko as little more than a weapon and takes him off, refusing to let him kill his own kind. Deeming them of no more worth, Tsumugu prepares to kill Ryūko and Senketsu.

Alternate ending pt 2 link in the description by nightdreams16-dbbcdwl

After the fight between Ryūko Matoi and Tsumugu Kinagase is dissolved thanks to Mako Mankanshoku and Senketsu, Aikurō Mikisugi explains to her how Tsumugu's sister, Kinue, died in an experiment involving Life Fibers, going on to explain that Senketsu was made with Ryūko's DNA, hence why only she can wear and communicate with him.

Meanwhile, Honnōji Academy makes preparations for The Great Culture and Sport Festival to celebrate Ragyō Kiryūin visiting the school. Learning that this a cover up for a final experiment in which all of Honnō City will be sacrificed to the Life Fibers, Ashi and the others head for Honnōji, where the ceremony has begun.

As Ragyō begins having the Life Fibers devouring everyone in the stadium, Ashi and company arrive on the scene. Just then, Satsuki Kiryūin stabs Ragyō and announces her rebellion against her and the Life Fibers, revealing this to be the purpose she has built Honnōji Academy for.

IMG 20170528 081841

After freeing all the trapped students and citizens from the Life Fibers, Ashi's Primordial Life Fiber severed Nui Harime's head off. Meanwhile, Satsuki goes to fight Ragyō, slicing off her head and revealing that Shirō Iori and the Sewing Club have infiltrated Kiryūin Manor to disable the Original Life Fiber. However, the Original Life Fiber instantly not here. As this news reaches Satsuki, she is attacked by Ragyō, who survived the previous attack due to a single unsevered Life Fiber connecting her head to her neck. After reattaching her head, Ragyō unleashes a brutal beatdown on Satsuki, destroying Bakuzan and revealing that Satsuki was never able to unlock Junketsu's true power. A final blast knocks Satsuki unconscious allowing Ragyō to take Junketsu for herself. Ragyō rips out Ashi and Ryūko's heart, revealing it to be the Primordial Life Fiber itself alongside. Ragyō gleefully reintroduces herself to her 'long-lost' ultimate daughters.

As the Covers start to kidnap citizens from Honnō City including Mako Mankanshoku while using their life force to power themselves, Satsuki Kiryūin triggers an explosion to allow Ryūko Matoi to escape. A month later, the Elite Four have joined up with Nudist Beach to fight against the Covers as they take over Japan, whilst Ryūko has remained in a coma since the battle.

Meanwhile, Satsuki is hanging naked in a cage and being held captive by Ragyō Kiryūin. Ragyō Kiryūin explains that her father, Sōichirō Kiryūin, had faked his own death and disguised himself as Isshin Matoi in order to raise Ryūko and prepare his revenge against her. The Elite Four soon take a stand against the Covers, using a new device to rescue Mako from her imprisonment. When the Covers start to use disruptive noises in defense, Ryūko awakens from her slumber, destroying the Covers and rescuing the prisoners in one shot.

IMG 20170527 171309

As Ashi and her Original Life Fiber stares and then shows hostility towards Senketsu, feeling she herself is an inhuman deity, Ryūko Matoi is confronted by Mako Mankanshoku, who states that she is no longer being herself. Ryūko responds by saying that she is in fact no longer the same after finding out the truth about her parents and her Life Fiber-infused body. Ryūko is interrupted by Nui Harime and Ragyō Kiryūin, who appear as remote-controlled body doubles composed of Life Fibers.

Nui and Ragyō invite Ryūko to face them at Honnōji Academy. Aikurō Mikisugi warns Ryūko that it's a trap, but has his DTR destroyed by her. She tells him how much she's tired of following him around, and how she hates him for not telling her the truth about her past all along. Mako tries one last time to get Ryūko to wear Senketsu, but is not able to do so. Aikurō tries to follow Ryuko to explain that he did not know the truth about her past, but is stopped by Tsumugu Kinagase. Ryūko leaves to Honnōji Academy on a motorcycle.

Back in the Nudist Beach's secret base, Aikurō, Mako and the Elite Four are discussing what to do now that Ryūko left. Senketsu decides that he must go to Honnōji Academy to meet Ryūko. Mako is able to feel his intentions, even though she can't hear him, and decides to leave to Honnōji Academy with him. Hōka Inumuta is able to hack into the academy's security camera system, and the footage reveals that Satsuki Kiryūin is still alive and is attempting an escape. Aikurō decides to use the Naked Sun 1, Nudist Beach's last resort weapon, a massive ship.

Meanwhile, Ryūko is at Honnōji Academy, fighting Nui. After a while, she's able to outpace Nui's movements and stab her in the heart with the Scissor Blades. Nui pretends for a while to be struggling in great pain, but eventually reveals that she's also infused with Life Fibers and actually capable of regenerating. Nui also reveals that, after Ryūko's supposed death as a baby, she was created by Ragyō in an artificial uterus made of Life Fibers, as part of her third attempt of making a Life Fiber-infused human.

The Nudists arrive and attempt to attack Ragyō using missiles, which proves to be useless. Satsuki uses all this commotion to escape completely naked, using only her false toenails as a weapon. After defeating multiple COVERS, Satsuki is able to exit Honnōji Academy through a back door. She's surrounded by a massive amount of COVERS, but is saved at the last minute by Ira Gamagōri, Uzu Sanageyama and Nonon Jakuzure in an helicopter. Afterwards, Ira, Uzu, and Nonon were able to cover Satsuki.

Back in the academy grounds, Ryūko is surprised by Ragyō, who presents her with a modified version of Junketsu. Ryūko is constrained by Life Fibers sewn into her skin by Nui during their fight, and forced to wear Junketsu. Her memories are altered by Ragyō so that she is now loyal to her.

In the Naked Sun 1, Satsuki is resting and enjoying a cup of tea made by Mitsuzō. The ship's radars detect an unknown incoming object in high speeds. A light blue ball of light collides with the ship's hull, and is revealed to be the now brainwashed Ryūko, wearing Junketsu and Ashi emerges from the waters with the modified version of Shinra-Kōketsu. Satsuki Kiryūin and Senketsu begin their fight against Ryūko Matoi in order to try and regain her memories, but they soon find themselves overwhelmed and Ashi manage to awaken Ryūko's true memories, allowing her to break free from Junketsu as she rips if off her body until she is completely naked. As it rains blood, Ryūko then commented that she'll wear Senketsu again.

Ryūko has successfully ripped Junketsu out of her body without dying. She reunites with Senketsu. Ashi gives Ryūko both Scissor Blades. Nui's corpse and head were by Rei Hōōmaru, to the former's anger; while Ryūko's allies deal with the COVERS, extracting the School Club presidents and gathering the Life Fibers left behind.

After having Junketsu restrained, Satsuki Kiryūin offers to let Ryūko have a free punch on her, but the Elite Four stand in the way of her blows. Satsuki explains herself to Ryūko, calling herself a fool for thinking that she could win by employing Ragyō's methods. Understanding what the world's beauty truly is, she requests Ryūko to help her protect their world, to which Ryūko ultimately agrees.

After a celebratory croquette-and-tea party, the group gets to work. Shirō Iori modifies Junketsu with a mixture of Ryūko's blood, Satsuki's blood, and Senketsu's Life Fibers; when gets to work with recreating the students' Goku Uniforms. Meanwhile, Satsuki briefs the others on Ragyō Kiryūin's plan to destroy humanity, which involves linking the original Life Fiber to Honnouji's satellite uplink, transmitting its signal across the globe. Suddenly, the original Life Fiber fires missiles at the Naked Sol. As Ryūko and Satsuki head off together to face Ragyō, Mako Mankanshoku and the others stay behind to face a giant-sized COVER, but not before Mako gains her Fight Club uniform back.

Ryūko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryūin arrive at the Original Life Fiber to confront Ragyō Kiryūin, who now wields a pair of needle blades which prove resilient to their weapons. Meanwhile, as the original Life Fiber turns its attack towards the S.S. Naked Sun, the Elite Four don new Goku Uniforms to assist Mako Mankanshoku and Tsumugu Kinagase.

During the battle, Ragyō cuts Ryūko's body in two, but this is revealed to be a plan laid out by Ryūko, who had Satsuki distract Ragyō whilst she heals in the ocean and targets the Original Life Fiber. Spurred on by the arrival of Mako, who uses her sheer willpower, along with the support of the other Honnōji students, to launch the S.S. Naked Sun like a giant seam ripper, Ryūko manages to cut through the Original Life Fiber and send it crashing down.

As Nui Harime finishes preparations for Ragyō's ultimate Kamui, Shinra-Kōketsu, Ashi and the others prepare for the final battle.

Ragyō Kiryūin uses the power of her Shinra-Kōketsu to negate the effects of everyone's Kamui and Goku Uniforms. Aikurō Mikisugi and Tsumugu Kinagase attempt to fight Ragyō by combining their DTRs into one mecha, but Shinra-Kōketsu blows them away with ease. Despite Ragyo's Shinra-Kōketsu attempt to negate Ashi's Kamui, Ragyō was doomed to realize that she has the Primordial Life Fiber inside her heart that created Ashi's own Shinra-Kōketsu. Ashi makes way for Aikurō and Tsumugu to destroy the uplink, by self-destructing their mecha as it flies into the hole. Satsuki declares that Ragyō's plans are at an end, but Ragyō has one more trick up her sleeve. At her command, Nui decapitates herself—to everyone else's shock and awe—and fuses with the original Life Fiber. The combined being then merges with Ragyō, healing her wounds and allowing her to fly into space. Hōka discovers that Ragyō intends to activate the satellite directly, awakening the Life Fibers across the planet but Ashi flies into space as well.

Ashi and Ragyō begin a furious battle, Ashi reveals that she has been willingly taking Ragyō's attacks to provide Shinra Primordial-Kōketsu with the power needed to absorb Shinra-Kōketsu itself. Using the ultimate Kamui's "Absolute Domination" ability, Ashi commands all Life Fibers across the Earth to release their trapped humans, declaring that "humans are humans and clothes are clothes". With humanity saved, Ashi tells Ragyō to come quietly back to Earth. To Ashi's surprise, Ragyō instead pulls out and destroys her own heart, after gloating that the Life Fibers will one day return to Earth. As Ragyō disintegrates into her component Life Fibers, Senketsu and Ryūko arrive in space and interrupts Ashi's pensive pause. With the damage he sustained from absorbing Shinra-Kōketsu's power, Senketsu is now falling apart as well. Before Ryūko and Ryūko can comprehend the situation, Senketsu whisks Ashi and Ryūko back towards the planet, using himself to shield her from the heat of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. As Ryūko and Ashi protests, Senketsu tells her that she has outgrown him—with the Life Fibers gone, she is free to wear whatever clothes she wants. Bidding Ryūko and Ryūko farewell, Senketsu burns away completely, the last of his Life Fibers disappearing in Ryūko's fiery wake and Ashi sadness. Grief-stricken, Ryūko and continues to plummet back to earth with Ashi holding on to Ryūko in her Shinra Primordial-Kōketsu. Seeing their falling form, Satsuki screams at Ryūko to hang in there as she runs full speed to catch her. With the help of the Elite Four, the Mankanshoku family, and essentially every other character, they manage to divert the force from Ryūko's descent from vertical to horizontal—sending them all sliding backward into the school building with a loud crash. Once the dust settles, Satsuki, who calls her "Sis", gives Ryūko a warm welcome home.

With the world freed from the threat of Life Fibers, Ashi begins a new life with Mako and Satsuki, keeping the memory of Senketsu in her heart as the world moves forward into an age of freedom.

Rise of Ashi's Divine Empire


During the age of freedom, the Uzumaki sisters and the Akame ga Kill crew parted ways. Due to the destruction that Ashi have caused in the past, Ashi leaves her sister to her father due to the popularity to the majority of the entire world. She established the Earth as a space-faring world, opening her ports to surrounding worlds. The influx of aliens, ranging from multiple types of species have made the Earth a dystopian society primarily run by both humans and aliens alike. Ashi used the Rope of Eons to record her past, present and future and mastered the knowledge. Ashi then recruited scientists to make the mechanical servants of her own resulting the creation of her own empire and proclaimed herself Empress of the universe. She ruled over a vast galactic empire over 9,000 years.


Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (2019)

Ashi's Ultimate Form

Ashi Uzumaki is slim, petite builds and all of them have large, slanted eyes, red lips. She wears blue-green, sweater-like uniform and black boots. When seeing Jack as an enemy, Ashi inherits the powers of the mass of black slime giving it a black bodysuit. She is Asian descent.

Ashi's hair is combed up to a single point initially, though she later re-styles it when she changes her outfit.

Ashi receives the power of evolution and shape shifting giving it a black bodysuit that resembles the black mass.

When conflicted and inflicted by her pain about her mother's death, Ashi transforms into the black mass revealing a massive eight headed titanoboa with eight whip-like tails.

When in the past, Ashi has evolved into her true form; Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Both Ashi and Kaguya are paled-skinned with delicate facial features, and extremely long, sweeping white hair and wore a high-collared hime-kimono which has tomoe running down the center and edges of the gown and adorned with intricate gold and purple lines.

After being sent to the present, Ashi evolved into Asakura Haruto, wearing the white shirt, long jeans and black sneakers. When She was willingly to face many trials set by Raimei, she wears the simple white and gray gi in the style of a kimono and hakama, a white obi around his waist, and a pair of wooden geta.

After returning to the future, Ashi evolved into Ashi Ōtsutsuki and into Paul Gekko, wearing a monk outfit. Becoming one of the incarnations of Princess of Zelda her hair changes into blond and her outfit changes into jewelry such as ornate earrings, as well as a royal gown of white, pink, lavender, or another pale color usually bearing the Royal Family's crest due to the original princess Zelda bestowing her the Triforce of Courage.

When her Alter Ego is Darkwing Ashi Aku, she wears tue Lavender Zorro-style mask, gray fedora with long brim, dark gray innarside, and a black band, lavender coat with a pair of gold buttons vertically on its left side and horizontally on both sides of his cuffs, purple cape with red innards, green turtleneck and tall boots.

When Teamed up with Kim Possible she wears primary civilian clothes were a green tank top that fully bared her midriff, blue 3/4-length –also known as Capri– jeans, and a pair of what appear to be plain white canvas tennis shoes. Most iconic was her traditional mission outfit consisting of a black midriff-baring mock turtleneck, dark gloves with a thin cuff, green cargo pants, a utility belt, and black shoes. Midway during her Senior year, it was replaced with a purple shirt, black pants with a purple line on the sides, grey shoes, and tight grey gloves.

Ashi's sister; Kurome has short black hair in a twintail style and black eyes. She wears a black sailor uniform and a wears a red belt that has a red side skirt cover like Akame. She also wears red gauntlets like Akame. She keeps her rainbow lightsaber with her at all times. She wears it with long black socks and black shoes.


Ashi seemed to possess a curiosity about the outside world, especially when she was younger, and developed into a cunning strategist. She remained fervent in attempting to kill Jack, proving a determined single-mindedness as a result of her upbringing. She is very stubborn and initially firm in her beliefs, spending long hours yelling and cursing Jack and Ashi as one of the evil humans.

Furthermore, she does not understand the concept of love and compassion. While she grew up believing Raimei being a creator of all things and her God, upon seeing Jack's humble and honest appreciation of life, she questions her beliefs. This demonstrates that while stubborn, she is capable of change and that deep down she is a compassionate person who loves the beauty of the world along with nature. She is horrified to see the truth of how her mother give her the essence of the mass of black ooze, but slowly accepts it.

When Jack was killed by Kaguya and her mother died giving birth to Kurome Uzumaki, Ashi was depressed and sad. When comforted by her sister, she is happy and kind.


  • Shape-Shifting: Ashi possesses the power of shape-shifting through Aku's traits due to the pain of her dying mother. In her Pre-final form, Ashi can shape shift into organic or non organic matter.
  • Evolution: Due to inheriting the essence of the Black Mass, Ashi has been made to be the evolving force. She can evolve into her evolution forms whatever Ashi is feeling great pain of any magic weapons or memories of her dying mother. It was shown that Ashi Uzumaki warped evolved into her final evolution, the black mass. When in the past, Ashi Uzumaki warped evolved into her ultimate evolution.
    • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki: Due to being the evolving force. Ashi has inherited the abilities since Kaguya manifested herself into her ultimate evolution.
    • Princess Zelda: After her final form was exposes, Ashi became one of the incarnations of Princess Zelda.
  • Martial Arts & Kung Fu: She is also highly skilled in martial arts, knowing sixteen types of kung fu.
  • Time Portal Creation: This was the very ability that Ashi used as a one way portal to the The Past, present and The Future.
  • Wise Ruler: Ashi demonstrated himself to be a just and fair queen of her people.
  • Expert Diplomat: Ashi graciously invited the leaders and their families to her banquet each year, considering it to be a galactic celebration of her empire's anniversary.

Fan-made Forms

Evolution Forms
Shape Shifting Forms



  • "Die!! Die!! Why won't you die!!? Scum, Paul Gekko will be triumphant!!'I will kill you as long as I have breathe in my body!! I will strike you down!!! Long live the Eggman Empire and the Empire of Aku!!"
  • "Mother" (Ashi realizing that her dying mother gave birth to her sister)
  • "Where do you think you're going Aku the Egghead?" (Ashi taunting Dr. Eggman mistaking him for Aku)
  • "Deceiver, worm!! Scum!!! Give up yet Scoundrel!!!"
  • "Eggman, my enemy, this samurai knows not of your greatness, your anger, your understanding!!!"
  • "Raimei has made a world of wonders and you have to soil it!!"
  • "Let's get dangerous!"



Who ooh, ooh, hoo hoo oh yeah!
The story begins with who's gonna win
Knowin' the danger that lies within
Aboard the ARK a genius at heart
Who wanted to unlock the mysteries of life
I am the Eggman, that's what I am
I am the Eggman, I got the master plan
I am the Eggman, that's what I am
I am the Eggman, with the master plan
I'm plotting my schemes wherever I go
They're perfect in every way
I'd love to destroy the blue one you know
He's an obstacle that always gets in my way
I must play this game by my rules
I will conquer the world with my tools
All my machines are made for destruction
I will build my empire
I will succeed and you will see
With my machines there is no retreat
I am the Eggman, that's what I am
I am the Eggman, I got the master plan
I am the Eggman, that's what I am
I am the Eggman, I got the master plan
I am the enemy, I will succeed
My mission, yeah, I must complete
My name is Eggman, don't forget my name!
If you ask me again, I'll tell you the same
I am the Eggman, that's what I am
I am the Eggman, I got the master plan
I am the Eggman, that's what I am
I am the Eggman, I got the master master plan
I am the Eggman!


  • Her main theme is I am all of me from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Ashi Uzumaki is the first to kill Samurai Jack (Accidentally thanks to Kaguya's manifestation ability).
    • Since Aku was slain by Jack in the past, Kaguya has slain Jack by manifesting into Ashi Uzumaki's Ultimate Evolution and thus altering Aku's destruction in the past, present and future, killing Odin, Vishnu, Ra and the other gods in the process and sparing her sister.
  • This is the continuity version of the character with the same name from Mega Man ZX Shippuden fan-made anime series.
  • Her quote is similar to Darkwing Duck.

Raimei Ōtsutsuki


Raimei Ōtsutsuki is the Goddess of Creation. She is the fan-made tertiary protagonist/antagonist.



Long ago in the vastness of space, a great, formless, mindless entity of evil arose. Before it could do harm to the universe, it was set upon by the Ultimate Prime, Raimei leading Odin, Vishnu and Ra. She fought a fierce battle against the black mass, burning the entity almost completely out of existence with their divine power and Raimei ate the large portion of the black mass. However, during the battle, one small fragment of the entity was incidentally cut from the whole by Raimei and did not burn away.

Unnoticed by Raimei, this seemingly small fragment floated away from the site of the battle and drifted through space for an untold amount of time, until it eventually, and violently, crashed on Earth during the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era. It is implied that the fragment of the black mass was the very object that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs although the crash occurred in prehistoric Japan as opposed to the Yucatan peninsula by a massive asteroid. Sensing the good in the Samurai Lord, summoned him to her. Taking the good inside him, they used avatar bodies to create an enchanted sword that was capable of harming Aku. Armed with the sword and a magical suit of armor, the Emperor plunged into battle against Aku. In the end, the Emperor was victorious and proceeded to seal him in the devastated wasteland in the form of a jagged black tree. As he was sealed away, Aku vowed he would one day return. During the battle, the Emperor's wife gave birth to a son. Determined to learn from the catastrophe, and aware that Aku would indeed one day return, the Emperor and his family hatched a plan, and orchestrated the events that would set Jack on his eventual years of training.

When Raimei sensed that humans are attempting to abuse earth by turning the continents into civilizations, she developed the deep hatred of humans, vowing to destroy earth by releasing Aku from his ten year imprisonment.

50 Years Later

Sensing that Ashi Uzumaki was born from the fragment of the black mass, She used her male avatar body to create an enchanted sword; Ryuseken no Bazooka.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki


Princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (大筒木カグヤ, Ōtsutsuki Kaguya) is the matriarch of the Ōtsutsuki clan, older sister Raimei and mother of Hagoromo and Hamura Ōtsutsuki and also the Mother God of Chakra.


A millennium ago, Kaguya arrived from another world with her clan in search for fruit of the Divine Tree of life. For some reason, Kaguya has the power of manifestation. After arriving upon her arrival, she was discovered by the people of the small land, who brought her before their emperor. Identifying herself as the Divine Forest of Life's guardian, Kaguya used a mysterious power to wipe the Emperor and Empresss' memories of the encounter and subsequently settled among his people, becoming recognized as his concubine. She eventually fell pregnant.

Aku's attack

When Aku was resurrected from the ten year imprisonment, she fled and to the center of the Divine Forest of Life; the giant Apple Tree of Life. Kaguya believed that it was necessary for her to attain god-like powers.

50 Years Later

When Ashi Uzumaki, Ashi and Jack returned to the past and killed Aku and saved the future, she later gave birth to twin sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. As time passed, when sensing Ashi Uzumaki's power of evolution, Kaguya manifested into her ultimate evolution form which easily killed everyone in the past and including Odin, Vishnu and Ra and the other gods except for her sister. For her deed of stopping the conflict, she was worshiped as the Rabbit Goddess (卯の女神, Usagi no Megami) She later gave birth to twin sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. As time passed, however, Kaguya began to lose trust in humanity as the power she now held ultimately corrupted her, which changed her public image from that of a benevolent goddess into that of a Demon (鬼, Oni). The dying Jack spread his final words to Ashi Uzumaki, pleads with her to resist, assuring her she is nothing like her ancestors.

The Present

As Ashi's ultimate form, Kaguya would spend her time enslaving people, forced to harvest the rich resources of Jack's land for Kaguya to increase her powers and spread her kingdom across the entire planet. On a nearby stream, Gamamaru would watch them. Hagoromo and Hamura are called to resolve a conflict over water between farmers. The stream is drying, but a dangerous bear lives near the source of the stream. Using his Byakugan, Hamura discovers a large boulder blocking the stream. Gamamaru introduces himself to the two as the one who placed the boulder. While the three talk, a bear approaches, but Gamamaru effortlessly drives it away, impressing Hagoromo and Hamura. Gamamaru calls them to go somewhere else, but before going, Hagoromo destroys the boulder. Gamamaru points them toward the mountains around the God Tree, and asks them if they know it. The two identify it as the Peak of Demise, and that their mother has spoken against going beyond it. Gamamaru reveals that the land is turned into metropolitan cities because of Jack's unacceptable demise and that what the brothers had been told, that the land thrives because of their mother's sister.

Gamamaru takes them to Mount Myōboku, where they can feel Sage power. Using the Memory Stone, Gamamaru shows them the history of Raimei and, how she came into the world, how Kaguya appeared and gained the Tree of Life's power. She revived some of the people she put under the Infinite Tsukuyomi and erased their memories. Gamamaru confirms that Raimei was grieving for the lost ones that she cherished due Kaguya's rise to power.

During that time, Hagoromo and Hamura saved Ashi Uzumaki and sealed Kaguya into the form of the moon not before Kaguya tore open the time portal and flung her into the modern world.


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