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    February 10, 2017 by GreatBeast455

    Hello folks I'm GreatBeast455 and this the first Blog post I've ever made on this wiki... or any wiki really. I'm writing this cause I wanted to inform you that I had just added several new pages to the site. The pages I added are of other crew members on the show, I did this cause I noticed Genndy had a page on here whole no one else did, and I didn't think that was fair, I mean I get that he's the creator of the show and all, but come on it's not like he made the show single-handedly! Anyways right now the pages are actually quite underdeveloped, all there is on most of them is just credits to the episodes they worked on, I could really use some help fleshing these pages out more, if you would be so kind! I would really appreciate it!

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