• Johnny1234343

    Since we are few days away to the series finale of Samurai Jack.I thought I could show you the fanmade episode titles of season 5 along with the actual roman numerals .Also to remind you that some of the episodes have alternate titles ,If you disagree with the titles then maybe you can come up with your own episode titles for Season 5 also they are based on the previous episode titles from season 1-4

    My fanmade episode titles

    • XCII (LIII)-Return of Jack or 50 years later
    • XCIII (LIV) -Daughters of Aku
    • XCIV (LV) -Jack strikes back or Jack's ultimatum or The choices we make
    • XCV (LVI) -Jack in the bowels of the beast or The actions that follow
    • XCVI (LVII) -The Evil Deeds of Aku or The Realm of Aku
    • XCVII (LVIII)-The Good deeds of Jack or Ashi's Enlight…
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