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Vada 2 is one of the Vadaquians.


In Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack, the Vadaquian Leader was requesting Aku for immigration to earth, as their home world had been drained of its water. The Shogun of Sorrow proceeds to reveal that it was he himself that had stripped the planet of its water for his own world's purposes. A young Vadaquian steps up and calls Aku a monster and the Vadaquian Leader was silencing him and apologizes to Aku and begging him to spare the boy, but Aku sent the boy to The Pit of Hate to learn respect and Aku allowed the tribe to live in Earth.

After Aku's destruction in the past, all the atrocities Aku has done to their planet were undone. So, they presumably live there in harmony, free from Aku's evil.

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