The Wolf is a recurring character in the fifth season of Samurai Jack.


The Wolf was first seen in Episode XCIII where the creature was cornered by three Alien Tigers. The wolf held its own, but was later seen fainted in a pool of blood.

The Wolf then appeared in Episode XCIV, having survived its fight, to aid Jack with his scars and wounds while healing its own. The Wolf left Jack after they both were fully healed.

It is unclear how Aku's destruction in the past affected his future.


While not much has been fully explored about the Wolf, since he is meant as a metaphor for Jack, it is safe to assume he has a similar personality, as the two are both solitary warriors, traveling alone and fighting beasts that approach them while moving forward.

He is strong and brave, as evidenced when he fights against the three larger beasts, despite the clear disadvantage in both strength and numbers. He seems prideful and unyielding in a fight.

Despite this, he does not seem to be a particularly violent creature, as he does not attack Jack upon meeting him. He still retains an aggressive personality and a short temper, as he became angry when Jack splashed him with water to help with his wound. In addition, he seems intelligent as he recognizes Jack as a fellow warrior and appears compassionate and friendly as he helps take care of him by bringing him food, licking his wounds and sleeping near Jack to keep him from freezing.


Alone, the wolf is proven to be very strong against natural enemies that comes his way. Though possible over time, since the time Jack spent being transported into the future, present animals like wolves had adapted from the creatures from space and monsters that adapted to enhance their abilities.

  • Strength and Combat: The wolf is proven to be extremely strong, enough to hold its own in a fight against a pack of alien tiger-like creatures that were larger and stronger, as it was able to kill them all through a long brutal fight.
  • Endurance and Stamina: Its endurance is very high, as it endured many attacks from the pack of alien tigers and kept on fighting them despite the severe injuries inflicted onto it. As wolves do have great stamina, he even showed that it can still hunt as he brought a fowl into the cave that he stayed in with Jack, showing his stamina is still high.
  • Intelligence: The wolf was shown to have great intelligence, enough to understand that Jack was wounded just like itself and helped him to heal his wounds by licking the blood off. He could also tell Jack was very cold as it kept him warm through the night.
  • Healing: Though the alien pack of tigers gave it horrible wounds on his body, they healed in a short amount of time, possibly under a few days or just one day.
  • Hunting: Though he was badly wounded from the brutal fight with the alien tiger pack, he was still able to hunt a fowl.



  • The Wolf is considered to be a parallel to Jack, as they both represent the past and lone warriors. Judging by this parallel to Jack, the Wolf has a high likelihood of being male.


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