The Woolies are a sapient species which were enslaved by the Chritchellites. With the exception of Lazzor, all the Woolies are voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the majority of their appearances (Phil LaMarr voices one of them in both Episode XCVII and Episode CI).


The Chritellites electrify and recapture a rogue Woolie

The Woolies are large creatures with thick fur-covered bodies. They have human looking eyes and long, colorful noses which hang below their mouths. Though they are very strong physically they are often timid, most likely a side affect of emotional and physical abuse by their captors the Chritchellites. The Chritchellites are an alien species which landed in the Woolies region of the world and shortly turned their peaceful society from an idealistic agricultural community into a slave empire.

The Woolies are highly intelligent and are accomplished architects. They have an impressive stone city built out of the lush jungle. Their architecture revolved around tall pillars and large offset dome, many of which had vines hanging from them. Their society, as they state, was not based on technology. They did wear clothing over their thick fur coats. They were more concerned with art beauty than technology.

In season 5, two came across Ashi. Believing she was still trying to kill Jack, they attacked her and telling her she will not let her hurt Jack. When Ashi tells them that she is Jack's ally, they tell here of how Jack freed their race from the Chritchellites. Ashi thanks them for their story before continuing on her search. Later, they are among the known groups who witnessed Aku's triumphant broadcast. They retaliated immediately by storming The Pit of Hate with the Samurai's other allies and attacking Aku with members of The Blind Archers' race riding on top of them. In the course of their battle, they became some of the first casualties when Aku, in a demonstration of his strength and their vain resistance, corrupted some of them and became his ground forces. The remaining Woolies and archers were last seem fending off their corrupted brethren. Whether they survived Aku's hailstorm is unknown.

It is unknown how Aku's destruction in the past affects their existence.

Notable Woolies


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