Zeus was the King of the Olympian/Greek Deities and the God of the Sky and Lightning.


Zeus was the son of the Titan King, Cronus, who went mad with power and threatened to consume the cosmos. Zeus challenged his father, defeated him, and took control of the cosmos himself. He then chained Cronus to an asteroid after he stripped him of his power and sent him hurtling into space forever. Afterward, Zeus sent the Gems of Cronus, the source of Cronus' great power, to Earth in the hope that they would be lost forever.


Zeus appeared as a muscular blue skinned male with a white beard and dark blue eyebrows. Zeus radiated a blue glow of divinity and wore a white chiton.


As a God, Zeus wielded unimaginable power and his status as King of the Greek Deities that showed that his power was great even by divine standards. He managed to defeat his father, Cronus, in single combat while Cronus was at the peak of his power.

  • Lightning Bolts - Zeus could throw powerful bolts of lightning at enemies and one was enough that quickly defeated the near-omnipotent Cronus.
  • Immortality - As a deity, Zeus was able to live forever.


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